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  1. Anyone going out tonight?
  2. Whatcha got boys - pictures are appreciated.
  3. Not sure if this is permisable but I would be interested in the symetre if the op passes. My apologies in advance if I'm breaking rules please read the bst rules ....esp this one :
  4. any chance the other one falls through let me know...
  5. thanks again all, this is very helpful..
  6. who is going out tonight? Temps too cold now?
  7. would like to open this back up - still available..
  8. thank you folks, this is all very helpful. Im going to practice this weekend. I do have a few questions, hoping you can help. 1 - Can an extension cord be used? I'd like to position the unit at a distance from the power source. 2 - Can standard wood chips be used, they type found at major hardware stores? Thanks again
  9. WOW! thanks for the heads up BAT...It is really appreciated. Great something else to worry about! The smoker just arrived today and no Im looking at with doubtful thoughts.
  10. Well said! much like everything in life... have a great weekend..
  11. thanks for the info ED, JR and SPECK. I decided to go with the Big Chief Smoker (electric). Figured it would be low risk and based on reviews it seems to fit my needs... Lets see how it goes..
  12. thank you all
  13. Hi All, I'd like to get into smoking my catch and other goodies... Looking for some help in what you would recommend in an electric smoker - dont want to break the bank either...300 tops. I would prefer the vertical type... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.