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  1. I have a 11'6"  Stroke pedal kayak that I'd like to trade for a similar sized SOT kayak. It's more kayak than I need/want. I bought it with the intention of getting on the water more but that hasn't happened. I also have a bad hip and would rather paddle than pedal. I'm looking for something similar to the Tarpon 120, and something with rod holders. Bought this mid-summer and never had it in the water, garaged. Located in Bourne MA




  2. 21 hours ago, mako capt said:

    I'm still shooting with a Canon 7D Mark II.  Still holding off on going mirrorless.  If I were upgrading today it would be the R6 M II.  What is everyone else shooting with?

    That body is bullet proof. If it didn't fall into the ocean I'd probably still be shooting with it. Afterwards I went mirrorless. Canon R5 with RF 100-500, and misc. EF lenses w/adapter. New ballgame for me with the focusing capabilities for birding, eye-tracking, FPS are crazy fast. I could've just continued with my EF telephoto lenses, but with the RF lenses you get additional stabilization when shooting hand-held. 

  3. On 8/3/2023 at 7:23 AM, HKJonathan said:

    One of the most important pieces of advices about photography is that the best camera is the one you have with you.  I own the D700 and it is a great body.  I find the controls much easier than with, say a Canon, because is much less menu driven than  the Canon.  So, to adjust many settings on the Canon you have to find the right menu heading and drill into it to find the adjustment that you need.  This is just annoying when you are fooling around with it at home but incredibly frustrating in the field, especially when you  are trying to “catch a moment”.  Nikon has some of this too but Canon is worse.  The thing is, I virtually never use the camera any more.  I shot the vast majority of my photos with my phone. The problem is that with a lens, the camera is pretty heavy.  My wife and like to travel and at first I was carrying several lenses and the weight became too much (15-20 pounds).  All those 2.8 lenses I have, I never use anymore because they are so heavy.  As well, because the body and lenses are so heavy, if you need a tripod, it has to be beefier and the ball head stouter to support it and this means, you guessed it, heavier.  Finally, if you are planning to shoot wild life up close, you will need a long lens, minimum 400 mm (heavy again).  My friend is a pro photographer and she uses a 400 mm with a 2x teleconverter so effectively 800 mm but she can shoot at 12,800 iso very cleanly with her top of the line Sony A1.


    Speaking of Sony, their mirrorless cameras are really nice and much lighter than the Nikon bodies.  Both the friend I mentioned and my brother have the A1 and having played around with it, I can say that it is very nice.  If I could  do it over again, I would choose that over Nikon.  Good luck

    I respectfully disagree about making adjustments with the Canon. Most adjustments that photographers need to change are available with a single button, shutter speed-iso-apeture-WB-shooting style, etc..

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