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  1. Nice looking yak. I appreciate you posting the photos. I'm going to pull the post and try and sell the Stroke outright and see what that does for my budget for a Tarpon. I bought it for $1k beginning of August so I don't want to take a beating on it..
  2. Looking for a smaller one, but let me chew on it..
  3. Im in Buzzards Bay, Cape Side across from the MMA. Not sure of the model, didn't see it on the yak, 2nd owner...
  4. I have a 11'6" Stroke pedal kayak that I'd like to trade for a similar sized SOT kayak. It's more kayak than I need/want. I bought it with the intention of getting on the water more but that hasn't happened. I also have a bad hip and would rather paddle than pedal. I'm looking for something similar to the Tarpon 120, and something with rod holders. Bought this mid-summer and never had it in the water, garaged. Located in Bourne MA
  5. That body is bullet proof. If it didn't fall into the ocean I'd probably still be shooting with it. Afterwards I went mirrorless. Canon R5 with RF 100-500, and misc. EF lenses w/adapter. New ballgame for me with the focusing capabilities for birding, eye-tracking, FPS are crazy fast. I could've just continued with my EF telephoto lenses, but with the RF lenses you get additional stabilization when shooting hand-held.
  6. I respectfully disagree about making adjustments with the Canon. Most adjustments that photographers need to change are available with a single button, shutter speed-iso-apeture-WB-shooting style, etc..
  7. I love to play with the macro lens but rarely use it with a tripod which I probably should, but the branches move, the subject rarely stays put if I have to place the tripod, so I use the multiple shots approach and hope one is okay..
  8. As the sun goes down the hummingbird stops for a last sip from the feeder..
  9. Sound advice Jim. When you have a registered device with the FAA compliance is key, otherwise watch your mailbox for the fine notification. It's that simple for them. I fly, and the temptation is great to exceed the ceilings or to fly in a 'no-fly' zone. With that said, here's a recent photo...
  10. Great shots! An owl is on my bucket list! My neck is getting sore/stronger from searching the trees!
  11. SBJ... did you buy the wheeleez?


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      Ill snap a photo when the rain stops and shoot it over to you..

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      I modified a beach cooler that I no longer use..


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      How much you want. Throw me a text


  12. Blue Heron nest building. Stick & shade provider...
  13. A first for me. A Pileated Woodpecker.. I heard a strange call, then the knocking started.
  14. Car carrier 'Altair Leader' entering the west end of the canal on her way to Boston...
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