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    Love the ocean and fishing but I don't seem to fish as often as I should..
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    Walking the beach
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  1. I have a birds nest in the rafter over the deck above. Been watching it for a few weeks and now the fun starts...
  2. When your appetite and the size of your mouth don't match...
  3. 'Babies are bits of stardust, blown from the hand of God.' - Baretto
  4. I see swans all the time, but rarely see them flying. Typical behavior is drifting, sleeping and eating. I was out yesterday and got quite a few shot of them in attack mode..
  5. Thanks! Very lucky the blackbird jumped in, was a red-winged one, and I clicked when I did. Believe me, it wasn't that I saw it at that second..
  6. I've been watching a swan pair on a small pond near me. Mom has built the nest and spends the bulk of her time atop the nest while dad forages and feeds. Stopped the other morning as the sun was starting to rise and found mom asleep hon the nest and dad asleep just drifting on the pond..
  7. I was shooting at a departing hawk after taking several still shots. While looking through the viewfinder I saw a bird dart out at the hawk. I wasn't sure what I got till I went home and downloaded & edited. A red-winged blackbird, threatened by the hawks presence, did a defensive attack that looked to me in the photo to be 'Hitching a ride'...
  8. Great Blue Heron departing for parts unknown..
  9. Because it's only the out of state people who leave trash behind? Delusional.... It's a shared embarrassment.
  10. LocationCedar Point, Scituate Harbor, Scituate, MassachusettsCoordinates42°12′17.1″N70°42′57″WCoordinates: 42°12′17.1″N 70°42′57″WYear first lit1811Deactivated1860–1994FoundationNatural/emplacedConstructionGranite/brickTower shapeOctagonalMarkings / patternwhite with green lantern room roofTower height25 feet (7.6 m), 70 feet (21 m) above sea levelFocal height15 metre Original lensPan lamp 1811, Fresnel lens 1855CharacteristicFlashing white 15s, private aidUSCG number1-12275[1][2]Heritageplace listed on the National Register of Historic Places