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  1. Gray Gables along the canal...
  2. The Scituate Lighthouse from the drone. The lighthouse top has been removed for repairs, on the ground in front of the lighthouse, because it was in disrepair and a threat to fall off. The town hopes to have it back in service for next summer...
  3. The Bourne Bridge to the RR Bridge on the CapeCod Canal..
  4. The Algoma Verity heading eastward through the Cape Cod Canal..
  5. Saying grace before diving in...
  6. First post in this forum. I have an old Ted Williams tackle box that I picked up at a yard sale 20+ years ago. I took a couple of lures out of the box and took the attached photo to see if anyone could tell me if they have value. They appear to be Red Cedar Bass-arena’s’. Thanks in advance for any info…
  7. After the storm reflection..
  8. This one?
  9. The Coast Guard tall ship 'Eagle'. Home berth is in New London CT. Used as a training vessel the ship was originally operated by Nazi Germany to train cadets for the German Navy, the ship was taken by the United States as a war prize after World War II.
  10. Ospreys doing what osprey do..
  11. The Orient Point lighthouse
  12. I have a crapload of razor sharp hummingbird shots, but the one I like best is one that's not sharp due to the quick appearance and retreat of the hummingbird. The feeder is close to some of the bee attractant plants we have and a bee was at the feeder when the hummingbird flew in and slammed on the brakes. The hummingbird left empty handed..
  13. This afternoon one of the car carriers came through the canal on it's way to Boston..
  14. Blue moon this afternoon..