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    Love the ocean and fishing but I don't seem to fish as often as I should..
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    Walking the beach
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  1. I love a good dinghy on still waters..
  2. Condolences for you & the family Tim..
  3. I think I caught the bird trying to dump the body. After I posted the photo, and made sure the nest was no longer active, I opened the birdhouse and the remains were inside..
  4. I get torn thinking the 400mm would be enough, but with the crop sensor camera I get effectively 600mm out of it, yet I'd get 900mm out of he Tamron. I think it'll come down to the price I can find used on either one.
  5. My buddy has the 150-600 and it just looks like a load to carry around, plus research tells me that the Canon is razor sharp, and the 7D Mark II isn't full frame , 1.5x gets me to 600mm.
  6. I have a Canon 7D Mark II and my current telephoto lens is the Canon 70-300 USM IS. I buy all of my equipment used for a couple of reasons, I'm cheap, and I'm not good enough to warrant new. Currently looking for something in the 400mm range, Canon 100-400mm L series, Sigma, Tamron equivalents. I respect the knowledge on this forum and was looking for insight, good or bad on those options. I also consider stepping up to 150-600 range Sigma/Tamron options. Thanks in advance...
  7. Had this strange occurrence happen while sitting in my chair in the back yard, with an adult beverage, doing some BIF shots. This bird came out of the birdhouse and flew right back in. I hit it with a burst and got several shots, but this is the interesting one..
  8. Had the nuclear stress test a few weeks ago. Pretty harmless. Sounds worse than it really is. They told me the stress test was akin to running a marathon, but it didn't come close to that. After the injection you almost feel like your wetting yourself, gets warm in your veins, specifically the groin area. The test was over in a few minutes, never ramped up as bad as predicted, slight nausea and then you slowly settle back to were you began. Good luck with the results!
  9. The Three Trees..
  10. Along the Cape Cod Canal. View through the Bourne Bridge to the RR Bridge..
  11. Gloucester Harbor..
  12. Thanks tomkaz! It really captures the essence of the canal fisherman.