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  1. I had never even heard of the Rockaway line - had to look them up. They have a couple that look like they may do the trick. I was ready to drop 400+ for a century but for 100 bucks I will give it a try. If it's not what I am looking for it will be a spare and I will go see Ryan.
  2. Thanks, very helpful. Great site.
  3. I am looking for a rod for throwing 2oz stingsilvers on the top end and 3/8 jigs with gulp on the bottom. Going after Taylor blues/Spanish mackerel and trout/puppy drum from open beaches on the northern obx. Needs to be a two-piece to fit in my car. I have been using a Tica Dolphin 9' 1/2-3oz and have been happy with it overall but it lacks a little on the bottom end of my lure range. So I am looking for something a little nicer that also performs better on the bottom end of my weight range but can still crush a 2oz stingsilver. Was thinking about a century ss1025 or ss1145 but would like to know what else you recommend. I don't mind spending top dollar for something that is a pleasure to fish. Thanks in advance, Islander
  4. Knott's Island
  5. You aren't need Hampton Roads are you?
  6. I have been hauling my rods on top for 6 years and have not damaged one yet (as I knock on wood). I usually have 5 rods, sometimes more up there. My trips range from 25 miles one way to 100 miles one way. The interior rack does look cool though.
  7. I got rid of an 01 Jeep Cherokee because I got tired of it smelling like bunker. I picked up an f-150 with camper shell and roof rack on the camper. I put a set of Yakima 8003082 ski racks on top to hold the rods. So the rods ride on top and the gear is safe in the camper. If I am worried about someone taking the reels I put them in the camper then back on at the beach, only takes a few minutes. I don't know your budget but a truck with camper and roof rack is the best setup IMO. If you like Honda I have seen several Ridgelines on the beach and seem to do great. I have worked on Langley AFB for the last 15 years; you fighter pilots are a cool group. Thanks for you service.
  8. Pulled one of the shims out of one of my other fathoms and put it in my new one. This fixed it. I will order a few up.
  9. I bought a used fathom 15 star drag, I already owned 2 for a couple years. On this one your can hear/feel something rub when you tilt the reel with the clicker side down, while it's spinning. Spins fine when it is level or tilted the other way. I removed the clicker assembly and break race and it still does it. It seems like the end of the break assembly is rubbing. Would adding a shim (part #154) under the spool bearing correct this. Thanks, Islander
  10. Wow! Shark blitz.
  11. Yeah, that will help. While you have it open put a good coat of grease on the gear teeth will help even further.
  12. +1 on the magged Fathom. The Fathom 15 is all I use anymore, great cranking power, great casting, easy to get a thumb over even without huge hands, just a great reel. I just leave 4 breaks engaged all the time. Cost me some distance with the wind at my back but I don't have to hassle with it when it turns around. If I had to choose one or the other I will take the breaks but both would be better. Kind of like the Abu's.
  13. So who builds these reels Omoto, Ming Yang? Akios is built by Omoto and they are a fine reel.
  14. Is the side plate threaded and screw on? Could you post a picture of the other side. Thanks.
  15. Shipwreck, the $30 Sweepfire says it has a digigear. So you are saying this $30 reel has a CNC machined gear?