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  1. I want to add another layer on my wraps, but not a thick layer, just one more thin layer. I have Threadmaster high build I think…
  2. No problem. Thanks for the consideration to this point.
  3. Serial # is 8940. I believe this is a sealed drag, but I could be mistaken. I used to have VS200B S/N 551, that was a distinctly different spool and drag set up, not sealed.
  4. That looks nice. To clarify, it would include box, bag and power knob, correct? Do you have the original knob? My VS150 has all those as well, for an even trade. Thanks
  5. Pictures would be great. I’m in NH. I would ship if you would consider likewise.
  6. One trip and fish bumps the average to a B+. Local waters C+. Fish about half the time, but fewer numbers.
  7. Interesting, the chart’s actual thickness test is nearly identical for both lines stated thickness. Suffix-.014 in, SW- .35 mm Got a micrometer?
  8. I would recommend looking at the braid break chart here. It’s got everything on a very handy chart. You’ll find all the info and specs for nearly every braid.
  9. Thanks for your explanation, polite responses and patience, it is much appreciated!
  10. This too is a very eye opening explanation. I suppose I was looking at this from a rational, take only what you need approach and not keep em all the time, day after day. Again, responsible harvest from a larger population and protecting the larger breeding fish. This was before social media, but word spreads fast… How does this compare to the Redfish slot down south? Isn’t the idea with the Redfish slot to cull from a larger class of available fish to protect those that make it through for regeneration purposes? https://www.seagrantfish.lsu.edu/pdfs/factsheets/redfish.pdf
  11. This is very interesting and informative. I have to admit, I was looking at this from a increase biomass perspective in that there are more juvenile fish so a fish from this population demographic would not be as impactful as a larger fish from a smaller population sub set. I can see the argument that the larger population is only smaller because people are allowed to keep smaller fish. I was thinking more along the lines of natural predation and other environmental factors leading to smaller numbers of larger fish (and obviously fisherman). These sorts of dialog help present a bigger picture. I’m curious, what was the “other fish” that was in decline at the time? Atlantic Salmon? Sea Run Browns? Inland fish? Blues? There aren’t a lot of other fish in the coastal water in upper NE, as compared to south of us. Unless we’re talking off shore ground fish or mackerel, which I wouldn’t put in the same category. Thanks
  12. I remember when Maine had a 21-26” slot, with a 40” plus trophy allowed, correct? Possibly two slot fish per day? Does anyone here know the science behind this and how Maine came to adopt their own slot regs? To me this makes a lot of sense, the only critique I would add is 1 slot fish per day. They had to drop when all states had to require a saltwater license correct? It went to (2) at 28 and above…spiraling to what we have now, correct? Any info is appreciated.
  13. That is the most common size class of fish I catch year after year after year out of the river. Occasionally larger slot size, but 21 to 26 for years. I think the river sees a narrower range of size diversity fish than out front. There are more juvenile fish for longer periods in and around the river. I also believe NH sees smaller fish in general as some of the population doesn’t push north of Cape Anne. People may disagree, just my experience and log records since 2003. I do agree there is a class of fish that is big and needs to be protected. I had a PB in MA this weekend in a spot that is known round the world…many of the fish being caught and released were of this size. Many people saying “Holy ****, look at this?!” Keep only what you truly need. Fish smart, release quickly, support their body, repeat!
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