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  1. Sounds like a Saturday night at the canal…
  2. Fish just south of the border Sat night, Danny plugs, paddle tails and bucktails. Scouted some nice new water but no takers. Crazy hot inland…to fog and sweatshirts on the water.
  3. Charlie, can an original knob be installed back on without trashing the arm, or was it tapped for the new knob?
  4. Darter sold. Gonna close and list the slim separately. Thanks everyone. Helping the the boat afloat!
  5. Hi SC, I’ll accept that offer. I’ll PM for details. Thanks
  6. Pencil lot is sold. GRS slim and darter still available.
  7. Hi Seven Rivers, Looking to get what I paid. They’re 130 plus shipping and fees. Roughly $155.
  8. I can do that. Offer accepted. PM coming your way.
  9. Willing to entertain reasonable offers or splits. Thanks
  10. Getting after it tomorrow night to kick off 2022. So many spots…so little time! Hopefully I’ll have some info Sunday!
  11. Thanks
  12. When do mackerel show up to be caught near shore for bait?
  13. Would you do $35 shipped for the jigheads?
  14. Nice, I’ve been toying with driving south this weekend, looks like maybe I could save some gas money!
  15. Thanks Tim for looking out for NH folk, even if there less than 20 miles of coast line!