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  1. Bill Hurley CC Sand eel 9” straight tail sand eel color where the current is strong. Works for me, so I stick with it. Also plan on jigging the smaller ones for lakers this summer where lamprey and smelt are known to roam.
  2. I have a scaled mini pencil, new never carried if interested. $25 shipped. 3-3/4” long
  3. I have a brand new in box Penn Battle iii DX 3000. $130 shipped. Can throw in some Spider wire too.
  4. Sounds like classic bad roller bearing. I have had good luck taking the bearing out, measure existing with micrometer and replace with higher quality bearing. (Outside diameter, inside diameter and width in MM). This will present you with lots of options for bearings from standard to pricey. Your talking $20 max for one high end bearing. If your apprehensive, take videos or pictures of disassembly to help put it back together. Optional drop of blue thread lock when you put the screw back in.
  5. Thanks
  6. Can you add some more pics?
  7. My last one left... Here’s an Aggitator I built with Ron in his garage on his tools one Saturday. He used to run plug building workshops, so I signed up for a group day, as it was less $ than a private lesson. All the other guys bailed and Ron still taught me for the the day for the same fee. We made two Aggitators that day, this one and an all yellow. The only real difference is we used a thinned out 5 min epoxy for the finish versus a spray on clear coat. I sold the all yellow on here and have regretted it ever since. The next year there was an epic Blitz on Plum Island on July 5, the plugs got it done, my wife fished the parrot, and I the all yellow. Keeper size fish one after another for what seemed like the full tide. They don’t cast as far as some of the more popular pencils now, but the action is great. This would arguably be my “last plug left”, if I were to chose one, for sentimental and fishability. (That day in July we had just found out we we’re starting a family). I used to have an eel skin and slim metal lip, yellow over white too, sod them on here. Got em back when Fisherman’s World had em hanging on the back wall.
  8. Thanks for the advice.
  9. This is all great information, thank you!
  10. Thanks RAW, to clarify are you suggesting last two hours outgoing, first two hours incoming? Agree with steeps edges. Thanks
  11. Thanks Roccus. I guess all that’s left is hit the spot on both tides and report back. Curious to hear what others say.
  12. Is this the Spiderwire Ultracast used in this testing?
  13. Looking at fishing some bays and marshes this season. Couple of q’s? -I’m scouting a spot that is a convergence where some creeks and channels come together. Thoughts? -Any advice of time of year? I was thinking early-mid June when some bigger fish move up. Incoming early summer/ outgoing later summer? -Only an early season tactic? Thanks
  14. I’ll have to look into this reel, can’t say I’ve been around them. My introduction to surf fishing was with a 710z. I learned to keep the roller clean and gears greased. Not much to those...less parts, fewer issue. Thanks for the info.