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  1. Yeah, I get that it’s a fishing site, and salty humor is par for the course. Free speech goes in all directions, and I don’t argue your right to say what you want.
  2. Recent thread in BST selling a Guy Gotten top a few guys got into over price and who’s first in line, long story short, there’s no need to insult someone by calling them a woman. As a husband and father to a young girl, this is childish behavior. Come in SOL, be better than that. It’s easy to hide behind your profile... Believe me, the nice avatars are a treat, but insults are another thing. My wife and daughter can fish for stripers like the best of them. Maybe they missed the memo on exclusive club membership...
  3. Update...I spoke with Valerie with N.H. F&G and there are regulations for Black Sea Bass but none for Tautog. I also found some articles on the interweb, some of which were here on SOL, looks like the question has come up a few times. The State has size records, and it looks like the bar was set in 2010. We’ll see if I have time to hunt em.
  4. I’m not exactly sure what you’re saying. I’m not looking to spot burn, looking for info, advice and regs. I’ll email NH Fish & Game and report my findings.
  5. I’ve seen them caught, and on a video online a spear fisher bags a bunch off an area between Hampton and Portsmouth. Anyone going after these? Size restrictions for NH? Season dates?
  6. Pictures please.
  7. 24 shipped?
  8. Thanks Dave. Do u have anymore gasoline/ scale plugs available? I’d be interested in one more.
  9. #36 please. 6” Danny, top of right column.
  10. AH for AH Sounds good to me. Where are u located?
  11. Yes, it’s used. Overall it’s ok, one small dent and some hook marks. I’m expecting a plug of the wear and tear in return. I have plenty of RM, maybe a BM metal lip or AH needle?
  12. I don’t have a scale, button feels similar to other 3.5 oz plugs I have.
  13. Looking to trade for a quality pencils, swimmer, spook, darter. Resin darter, Green Point, Fixter, Bigfish. Thanks
  14. Yes, PayPal is fine.
  15. Here is what I can offer. Metal lip has a scar and puncture from the front hook. The agitator has a unique finish, thicker than his normal finish. This was because he made it for me when I attended one of his“how to” workshops. The finish is a thin fast set epoxy. A bit wavy, but a nice durable finish. He made the plug while I built a sister plug in parrot color. The eel skin was bought new in Norwalk at FW about 10 years ago and never fished. That is a cherry plug. I have to ask $75 shipped for all three. $40 for the two yellow, $40 for the eel skin if asked to split.