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  1. No it's not complete, they are still dredging
  2. FishinDVM, sent you a message, not sure if I could put the info here.
  3. If they were purchased at one of the Long Island shows they look like a Tommys teaser
  4. It is still closed
  5. Closes every year around this time, usually closes for the plovers
  6. You will need a night fishing permit if you plan on fishing at night. If you are fishing during the day you do not need it, you pay to park and fish.
  7. Yes
  8. Thanks, I am new to this. I was given a 9 wt and don't have a spare spool. I want to make sure I enjoy it before I invest in anything new. The reel has an intermediate line on it now so I guess I will try that first and see how that works. I appreciate all your info. Thanks
  9. Thank you both for your info.
  10. I have a 9wt and would like to cast from shore in the back bays for bass, at most there is 8'-12' of water and the current could be kinda fast. Should I be using a sink tip or an intermediate line. Thanks Mike
  11. It was open today
  12. I'm sure this is a long shot but I have a new older version Cortland precision reel and I am looking for an extra spool. The reel is a Cortland Precision XC large arbor reel #IV 221. Thanks Michael
  13. Suffolk county outer beach permit is $100