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  1. I actually just got off the phone with their coved health hotline and was told while in phase-1 we would have to quarantine, and they couldn’t tell me if the travel restrictions will change in phase-2 puts updates daily while in phase-1
  2. Florida is still Requiring anyone traveling from Ny, Nj, Connecticut to self quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.
  3. You have to email them at
  4. The smith point marina gates were closed a few days ago.
  5. Email-
  6. Yes, they were next to Tommy’s teasers.
  7. I’m in, thanks
  8. Saw this on Facebook also, the one picture sure looks like a bluefish to me.
  9. Thank you, PM sent
  10. I’m in, thanks.
  11. I believe you have to take Sunrise Highway to Heckscher parkway south, I don’t think there are any bridges south of sunrise. Please don’t quote me on that. It’s either South of sunrise or south of Montauk Hwy.