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  1. No charge on Manasquan side but a 2 hour parking limit that is strictly enforced.
  2. Did some fluke fishing at a central NJ inlet yesterday. Arrived almost at the end of incoming g water and quickly caught 2 short but very plump fluke on live bait. Nothing for the next 45 minutes. Switched to a light jighead/GULP jerk shad combo and landed 3 more shorts as well as a keeper and a slot. Saw another 4 keepers to 20”s and 1 slot caught in addition to many shorts. Plenty of spearing and peanuts being flushed out but did not see any mullet.
  3. Not sure where you fishing but 2 buddies of mine encountered 2 different albie blitzes this weekend from the beach.
  4. An ocean county inlet had a ferocious albie blitz yesterday from what several have told me. Supposedly they then showed up off a few beaches to the south.
  5. Did well the first 2-3 months of the season fishing the back bay as well as the rivers that empty into the bay. Know guys fishing some back bay creeks and channels that have done the past few weeks fishing peanuts.
  6. Welcome to town. I'm off of Drum Point.
  7. When I target albies/bonito from my son's boat I use a Daiwa Back Bay 4000
  8. Stradic C5000XG
  9. To date never encountered a situation where I wasn't able to reach them with my 7'6". Now I have seen them where they were out of casting distance for any size rod.
  10. My personal favorite from the beach/jetty is a #2 Deadly Dick. Weighs @1.36 ounces and I can get it out there with my 7'6" ODM DNA. From a boat I prefer an Epoxy style jig. But I do keep the 007 in my arsenal.
  11. My son only keeps his go pro videos of our trips for our own personal log. He never posts on You Tube or any other social media outlet. He also just tries to limit footage to us or scenery. The make great viewing during the winter. To be honest I wish he (or I) started doing it years ago as I would love to be be to relive all our trips, catches, non-catches years from now.
  12. Had one good day of albie fishing last season as I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Beached 5 in just under a hour. Then they moved just out of casting range. It's been my experience that they tend to show up at the same spots year after year. So I'll pick a spot where I caught them previously and hope I picked right. There are times when after I've found them I'll chase them but more often then not I'll remain where I am as they have a tendency to circle back. So far nothing for me this year.
  13. DeGrom & Rodan can both option out of their respective contracts at the end of the season. If one or both do, how hard should the Yankees peruse either.
  14. Got in a few hours on both days over the weekend. Saturday I fished a back bay in NoOC that I hadn't fished since the first week of fluke season (where I got a 20"). Wasn't my preferred tide but was able to catch 6 short fluke, 1 small cocktail blue and a pin sea bass. Sunday returned to the spot I fished yesterday only to find the tide to be ripping. Di have a few bites-which felt more like bluefish bites then fluke. Decided to hit one of my go to spots which as about 20 minutes away even though it was the bottom of the tide. I was fortunate enough to cull one 20.5 inch fluke out of the 7 I caught.
  15. Had 2 people tell me yesterday that they caught bonito from a jetty (different locations) during the past few days.