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  1. Nice weed lots. Probably looks great with that rusted ‘74 LTD in the side yard. Philadelphia landscaping. LOL.
  2. True.
  3. Precise's English is imprecise.
  4. If somebody is smart, .they'll say "I'll take it" right now and back out later if needed.
  5. Nice looking boat for $2175. Dude is moving and just wants it sold.
  6. She does the "tube SNAKE boogie". Not the tube steak boogie.
  7. I have the charcoal going for tube steaks. Squid thinks I am grilling some from of dick, but it is actually a euphemism for a hot dog.
  8. Viva la Pot Pie!!!
  9. You are almost always wrong. But this time you are correct.
  10. Snaps doesn't have time for ogling cute girls... he is too busy dragging that truck tire around the gym.
  11. An hour and 25 minutes of cast iron meditation completed.
  12. Speaking of rock and roll.
  13. ^Those nerds rock!!!
  14. I said no such thing.
  15. Traipsing for points.
  16. You need to just get serious with the gym. You don't see Tony Snaps traipsing around the woods. Tony Snaps gets out of bed, puts the time in and has it all done by 8 AM. Tony Snaps is an inspiration to all.
  17. Can’t do it... got stuff to do. I could if I was locked out of a plant until 7AM... but I just can’t let the work sit... never have been able to... it is a personal failing. About the only time I can go do something else is when the work to do list is whittled down to things that don’t need doing for weeks... I do force myself to get in the gym time - but I see that more as an investment than as just screwing off.
  18. I have been working all weekend. That is the big downside of working from home... you can, so you do.
  19. The MP has the almost unique ability to say anything... anything at all... without repercussion and usually meeting with approval. In his younger years, I would have attributed it to a physically imposing presence; but as it continues into his decrepitude, there is clearly more to this phenomenon of human communication.
  20. She isn't running the primary gauntlet again. Her path would be through a brokered convention. The clown car beats itself down to two candidates... goes to convention... her name is entered from the floor... DNC controlled superdelegates back her and others get in line. She gets nomination. That's pretty much it.
  21. Where were you during the BLM protests? Weren't you supporting all that? That actually was a Russian driven narrative pushed hard through social media... you will note that it immediately disappeared subsequent November 2017. Not a peep since then.
  22. Are you talking about their report on her TV interview with Fareed Zakaria? That interview was before the release of the redacted report to Congress. I am not seeing comments from her subsequent to the report's release.
  23. All these bass tactics can be summed up by Slacker's Rule. Slacker's Rule Bass can be anywhere anytime and caught on anything.
  24. So I'm watching some 2 minute bass dude video on "swim jigs". Ends with "So, swim jigs work great in the Spring and Summer... and great in the Fall when bass come up shallow". Well, that narrows it down... swim jigs might not work in January and February - and I will never know because I'll be on the couch.
  25. Far be it from me to require anything of his Holiness.