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  1. I'm in a college town. There might be an Irish Literature Studies girl working the counter. It could happen. I never noticed the lettuce/tomato placement. I had the grilled chicken sandwich. I'm not even sure that it had a tomato.
  2. My favorite cousin's wedding reception was self catered (8-10 hams from "Honey Baked Ham" and pot luck whatever). I think we have shafted ourselves with the idea that a middle class wedding reception is a $35,000 event. But that's just me.
  3. You are incorporated right? Should be able to slide the car insurance and phones onto the business expense line. Don't answer... I don't want to be blamed for an IRS audit.
  4. I may have to turn on the TV.
  5. What is standard practice on weddings, now? Didn't it used to be that the bride's parents covered the whole reception nut and parents of the groom paid for the rehearsal dinner? You could finance a nice boat and slip for the rest of your life off $250,000. I got married in the Judge's lobby area and then paid for lunch for four at the Yankee Doodle Taproom at the Nassau Inn. My knowledge of wedding finance is theoretical rather than experiential.
  6. So what kinda spending is it that you need to do for them that is enough to bite into your retirement stash? College debt?
  7. I didn't need the money. Didn't want the money. They worked for it, better they spend it.
  8. You coulda done a book report at some point. Boost your content rating.
  9. Now that is what I'm talking about.
  10. I just checked. It is in the library here... will save you the hassle of mailing. Will check it out when I finish what I'm currently reading.
  11. Of course, Rupp Arena is a tough road game for anybody.
  12. Tennessee has been a weak #1. They seem to have a way of playing down to competition and winning games by 8 when they really should have won by 38 (on paper anyway).
  13. I know a guy who has two adult kids. One is a glass blower, the other is a social worker. He (the guy) has set up and is funding retirement programs for both kids, 'cause he knows they can't do it on what they make.
  14. I don't know Frank McCourt. Which end of the scale is he on... Clint Eastwood or John Boehner?
  15. Y. How old are your kids? Late 20s, 30?
  16. Although, I do have to note that after my parents paid for my sister's wedding/reception, they threw me a check for $2500. I guess it was an attempt at offspring financial balance. I never cashed it; I assume they eventually got their checking account balance figured out.
  17. Birds of a feather...
  18. Yeah, but your kids got out of college last May. The day I graduated college was the end of my parents buying anything. I slept on the floor of my apartment for 3 months before I could afford a mattress. Lived in that apartment for two years with no living room furniture... none... hardwood floor... looked like a small basketball court without hoops.
  19. Karl just passed on. You couldn't give fish a rest for a day?
  20. 9 times out of 10, if I ask the wife "where do you want to go out to eat", her answer is "no place that has waitress service". That results in paper cups and plastic straws. 9 times out of 10, if the wife asks me "where do you want to go out to eat", my answer is "anywhere you want... I can eat anything anywhere, you are the picky one". Which then results in paper cups and plastic straws.
  21. TomT is our medicare supplement insurance sales contact. He better know about Medicare.
  22. What a bunch of backwoods mother ****ers. Here in civilization, you gotta be at least 17. 5 states require parties to be legal adults: Delaware (age 18 or older), Texas and Virginia (age 18 or older or age 16-17 and emancipated by court order), and Kentucky and New York (age 18 or older, or age 17 and emancipated upon grant of petition for permission to marry).
  23. I put that up so you could pull the website and broaden your knowledge of the Midwest.
  24. I bet that if you google it, you won’t find a single US state that doesn’t have a minimum marriage age regardless of parental permission.