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  1. Google Zion Williamson and watch Nike stock tomorrow.
  2. Mrs Snaps doesn’t go for the cerebral type. Shocking.
  3. Saying "he lusted in his heart" doesn't seem nearly as scandalous as the fact that his interview was three pages from the Playmate of the Month. He actually had a "religion problem" going into the election. He was viewed as a backwoods bumpkin Southern Baptist. The Playboy interview was a strategic move to address that perception.
  4. No. His avatar is theatrical. That isn't John Wayne. That is a character being portrayed by John Wayne.
  5. It was bad enough that I implied there was some sheep ****ing going on. Sound effects would have been bridge too far.
  6. Just because I couldn't stick this in the PG...
  7. I don't know about John Wayne but I am willing to stand up for my friend Patchy. Patchy has a farm and, as such, I am confident that he could have his way with 2 year old colts and maybe even other livestock.
  8. Y's ring tone.
  9. He was a man of his era. Another man of that era was Senator Robert Byrd (D)... he filibustered the Civil Rights Act. Such were the times.
  10. West World does not count. It is more science fiction than western.
  11. Mike Yranian.
  12. Yeah I like the 4 Roses.
  13. I am. And lazy too. Conflict almost always means more work for me... so I avoid it whenever remotely possible.
  14. And the first time I click on the Zuckerberg in three days and right at the top is a picture of Tfisher sporting what can only be described as a Greek-fro.
  15. It’s still that way. The odds of walking into a liquor store and it being there are not good. Locally a restaurant may get a bottle or two and it is a “happening” on social media. $25 shots. LOL. IIRC it is distilled by the same outfit churning out Buffalo Trace by the tanker load.