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  1. At Snaps’ age, effing senior citizens is the best he can hope for.
  2. What do you want for two thousand dollars? You buy it, run it until something expensive fails, you call Boat Angel and tell them where to pick up your donation. The thing is as cheap as a pool toy.
  3. Nice weed lots. Probably looks great with that rusted ‘74 LTD in the side yard. Philadelphia landscaping. LOL.
  4. True.
  5. Precise's English is imprecise.
  6. If somebody is smart, .they'll say "I'll take it" right now and back out later if needed.
  7. Nice looking boat for $2175. Dude is moving and just wants it sold.
  8. She does the "tube SNAKE boogie". Not the tube steak boogie.
  9. I have the charcoal going for tube steaks. Squid thinks I am grilling some from of dick, but it is actually a euphemism for a hot dog.
  10. Viva la Pot Pie!!!
  11. You are almost always wrong. But this time you are correct.
  12. Snaps doesn't have time for ogling cute girls... he is too busy dragging that truck tire around the gym.
  13. An hour and 25 minutes of cast iron meditation completed.
  14. Speaking of rock and roll.
  15. ^Those nerds rock!!!