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  1. The economy is good, isn’t it. Really good.
  2. Who is setting up the live view Tog House webcam and what are we charging for access?
  3. Screw Montana. The 2019 Tog House lives!!!
  4. Braves fans are known for their filth.
  5. And they said it couldn’t be done...
  6. Stop stifling innovation!!!
  7. Be sure to get a shirt for Squid.
  8. We have some time this year. I think we should get Slayer to lean on his eldest child to get her to craft us a custom art work. There’s still 6 weeks before the Fall semester starts.
  9. Somebody google “sterilization using sea water”. If this stuff works, I’m gonna put Purell out of business.
  10. Now that Snaps is on the mend...
  11. Bellringer is the man. But no one ever regrets being well prepared.
  12. Maybe just leave all his stuff alone, to keep it simple.
  13. Or water bottle.
  14. Note to self: Don’t pick up Gelflex’s paddle.
  15. Take my wife... please.