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  1. Ansen Williams.
  2. Greetings from the Maryland House. 50 miles to go. Unless something has changed, I’m going dark... my parents occupy the last acre in NJ that doesn’t get a cell signal.
  3. Flush toilet.
  4. I stopped so you don’t need to. Oh and this place has a carpenter bee problem.
  5. Can’t do it. Going I84 to I90 to north shore.
  6. Coffee and donut and gasoline stop... 300 miles to the DelMemBr.
  7. South Jersey stop. Driving the old man up on Monday.
  8. 250 miles down. 500 to go.
  9. On the road. By moonlight.
  10. You gotta know that I just filched some points from right under Y's nose.
  11. I think these Cubans are filching pig meat.
  12. Cubans are poor as dirt. How do they spring for two different kinds of pig on every sandwich?
  13. I say either put water in that pool or get rid of that slide eyesore.