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  1. How does Liberty recruit a basketball team that not only makes the tournament, but gets past the first round?
  2. I adjudge that the game was entertaining despite it being a wire to wire run.
  3. It wasn't a close score, but it was quite an exhibition. It was raining 3 pointers like Y posting from the can with a thesaurus in hand.
  4. What tax code changes raised your effective rate? Basically, what deductions did you lose?
  5. I was watching the Auburn Kansas game. I'm not like these other old farts. I got no problem staying up. What I have problems with is waking up... 9 AM is an early day if I don't have somewhere I gotta be.
  6. Bears have to bulk up for hibernation. They don't have sous vide gizmos in the den.
  7. My GP is a runner. I think that has screwed with his perception. He seems to think everybody should run 10 miles a day and should tip the scales accordingly.
  8. If you have some Neanderthal DNA and have some kind of huge skeletal structure (the oft used "I'm just big boned"), I would assume that would also skew the numbers, too.
  9. Auburn is playing some kind of game. Sheesh.
  10. I just googled... Schwarzenegger was 6'2" and 235# when he was in competition. He would of had a BMI of 30. Clearly the dude was not "overweight". But that also shows that even with a massive amount of muscle on his frame, he was still just at the upper end of the "overweight" category. NIH's BMI calculator... if SOL doesn't kill the link...
  11. Probably whether you hear about it depends on if your GP buys into the idea or not. For what it is worth, pretty much what the charts say for height and weight are what it is. The charts fit typical people. If you are a BIG 10 college wrestler in the 184# class, the chart isn't gonna work. Really it isn't going to work for anybody that is heavily muscled with a very low body fat percentage... because you are gonna have weight, but that weight isn't blubber... the charts are assuming an average muscle/body fat ratio.
  12. Give her that, "Hey baby, I'm all commando under this gown... just thought you should know.". They are suckers for that line.
  13. I gotta think that you can talk some nurse into therapeutic ball massage.
  14. Y thinks the Jade Pagoda girls are sampling him for everything... all they do is sperm count.
  15. I have never played Scrabble. I'm out.