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  1. I'm back, by the way.
  2. Snaps likes to take the whole fist. But only if the girl is small.
  3. Of course he could. If he was so inclined.
  4. @flyangler I am officially "on vacation" as of this post and won't be back for a good 9-10 days. Feel free to post without concern for there being any sort of reality check headed your way from me. And to keep you company in my absence, I offer... Your Good Friend, Slacker
  5. And in the event that I croak before I return, I would like this next post to be the one that I am remembered by....
  6. GG leaves tomorrow. GG will not be checking in.
  7. The one review that showed while I was getting screen grabs was one from some grandma that bought "The Office" set for her 3-4 year old grandson. Her comment was something to the effect of "my grandson doesn't really get it, but my Son and Daughter-In-Law are big fans of The Office and got a real kick out of it." I suspect a similar outcome if you gave a 3-4 year old that RuPaul set.
  8. These are "toys" for the same adult dopes that still play with Legos.
  9. They don't. And neither does this RuPaul thing. The point I was making to Flyangler is that these are collectibles with an adult target market - a market that knows who the "Golden Girls" are... that show hasn't been on for 30 years - rather than a pre-school target market. Ages 1-101, LOL. Hand that to a 4 year old and see if the kid starts asking you all about drag queens. See if the kid even understands that those three figures are all the same dude. You dudes look dopey when you try to crank up the outrage machine off of nonsense.
  10. Tomorrow. Today I am busy deflating the unwarranted outrage balloon.
  11. Why it is clearly going to create an entire generation of flamboyant cross dressing entertainers. They gave Spaz that Liberace action figure and you see how he turned out.
  12. And what happens if they do? Do they explain RuPaul to the kid? Or is it just another glittery piece of plastic **** in the toybox? Do they discuss Keith Richards' history of drug abuse... or Bianca Jagger's story of Mick and Bowie? Think McFly.