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  1. Two words... winter coat.
  2. That blows away greetings from Edinburgh, Indiana.
  3. I agree. I want the full trip... especially when the fishing is good.
  4. 11/15 Superior BLACKFISHING Aboard ISLAND CURRENT III...Snug Harbor, RI Capt. Scott reported an amazing day of local blackfish in the Rhode Island Sound. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and those that showed up were treated with a banner day. The small crowd was limited out by 8 am and played catch and release for a few hours targeting larger fish. Capt. Scott and his top-notch crew did not disappoint! Pool fish was 10.4 lbs today. High hook was 13 keepers and the boat was back at the dock for a late breakfast. The weather forecast for the next three days looks absolutely fabulous. We will be sailing open boat at 5 am board the 76’ ISLAND CURRENT III. Book tickets online at
  5. One word of advice on home care aides. If you have family heirlooms at the parent's house... jewelry, Grandma's curio cabinet, whatever... and you want to keep them in the family, dole them out to the potential inheritors right now. I watched my maternal grandmother and step-grandfather get so attached to a home care worker that they pretty much gave her everything of value that they had. Stupid sentimental stuff that their kids were to inherit... HS class rings, great granny's silver spoon set, etc... coincidentally, stuff that was easy to make a buck on. It caused some hard feelings.
  6. Just like that, a text from the Old Man. He drove from NJ to NH... why... for seafood. Tonight's indulgence, fish chowder, steamers, 1.5# lobsters. Yesterday was fried clams day (The Clam Box, Ipswich). 78. He's making sure that there won't be any money for anybody to worry about.
  7. $10 says that Mickrazz would question her clam cleaning process. (And I mean that in the most family friendly audience, "G" rated, Disney animation type way.)
  8. I don't think she cared enough to be embarrassed. No, it was definitely a "**** off".
  9. They're all good if you buy good sirloin. You are a man of distinction... you can afford to get your meat from a decent butcher.
  10. We talked about it before, but you guys have to strong arm them out of the house and into an assisted living facility. If they spend all their money on home care, they/you aren't gonna like the assisted living facility choices that come with only bringing Medicaid to the table... if you get them into a good place now, they can stay there on Medicaid payments only once their money runs out (as I understand it). I inspected about 20 of the places in NJ in the mid 2000s. The "Medicaid only" ones were pretty sucky... some of the better ones, I'd move into tomorrow.
  11. And to make it worse, it was her **** up that I was trying to fix.
  12. I sense... sarcasm.
  13. Which scores more points photgraphically.... a rubber band or a dishwashing glove?
  14. Speaking of "interesting", the other day one of my secretaries responded to my email with "noted". I think that meant "**** off", but I'm only 99% certain.
  15. Are you working with an agency or some kind of referral service to get candidates?