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  1. Interesting.
  2. If it doesn't matter, you could use Mountain Dew.
  3. How does zuckerberg know all this stuff?
  4. Homeowner is making up for a lost year. Then in 2022 they will drop the price 25% over 2021 and act like they are taking a beating on the rental.
  5. I was 19. I had hair.
  6. The picnic table overlooks a parking lot and Route 1 (business).
  7. I was looking at some north country seafood pricing. Jaw dropping. A plate of haddock, scallops and whole bellies with fries and slaw is pushing $45 at a joint where you grab it at the window and eat on a picnic table. They are too embarrassed to even list the price of a whole belly (only) platter... "market price". LOL.
  8. I don't own vermouth.
  9. Look at that. Redfish on a big plug. It can be done.
  10. Inflation is real. May 2016 I stayed at the Bridgeport WV Microtel for $58 a night, per the archives. I have it booked for next week... $88 a night - and that felt like a bargain when I booked it - LOL.
  11. And probably was what I was making.
  12. Minimum wage was $3.35 an hour.
  13. Some of us are having dinner soon.
  14. He was smart enough to not try to only sell vegan sandwiches.
  15. My family was friends with a guy that owned a sandwich shop on the only approach road to that site. He had a line out the door each morning and was selling sandwiches to those union contractors at more than $10 each... in the '80s. He got accustomed to a certain lifestyle based on those sales. The plant got built. He went bankrupt and lost the business.