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  1. I just made oatmeal.
  2. We also have a kid that runs a mini-bike and tows his brother on a skateboard. That’s actually kinda cool.
  3. We aren’t within 5 miles of a golf course and still have a bunch of golf cart riding goofballs in the neighborhood. I don’t get it... they just ride around in the dumb things.
  4. I like baseball. It still brings in tons of dough... more than the NBA and NHL combined. I figure the game will outlast me, regardless of what happens this year.
  5. I think he should baling wire a set of antlers to the front grill.
  6. Classic.
  7. One more opportunity for productive exercise has been flushed.
  8. We had a good laugh about Snaps and the Triscuits.
  9. People let me tell ya 'bout my best friend....
  10. Telling someone they can't open their barbershop seems like a police state.
  11. I haven't seen the military all day. The FedEx truck circled the block about four times today, though.
  12. They should sink some boats. Would be like the Boston Tea Party 2.0.
  13. Today is June 1. Razz's NJ bar prediction got flushed today. Y is next up with June 15.
  14. Of course, time hasn't been kind to Y, either.
  15. The wife said Highlander was awful... we watched it last night. I told her she just has no appreciation for 1980s culture. MacCloud's wife Heather from the Highlands grew up to become "Prudie" from Poldark. Time is not kind to women.