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  1. what size sea wonder spinner and condition
  2. p/p info is

  3. need address PayPal info Were you the one that had underscore in PayPal
  4. will do the 90 shipped if still available
  5. offer 80 shipped
  6. mostly looking for beater reels or big lots of used stuff thanks
  7. should be straightened out
  8. I sent it to .com instead of .net .Sorry am rerouting it now
  9. all makes and models.Need to add to my parts stash
  10. I'll take it at 65 if still available
  11. dropped off money at the post office 4:00 pm
  12. I have seen these bushings seized to the housing.I built a jig out of a threaded rod with nuts and washers to push them out.It worked on some and busted the top part of the housing on others.This is rare and occurs on extremely neglected reels.It comes out the top.Bushing and pinion.
  13. Same basic material were used on all from 110 thru 550.These are not waterproof so do not dunk.They will require washing down after use as with all vintage reels but they can certainly be used in salt.Gears are bronze drive and steel pinion..They are very strong .Never seen a set that wore out.
  14. nobody would deploy the 16/0