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  1. Closed - thanks for looking!
  2. I should also have Fuji seats for each I will throw in if blanks and guide layouts go together. Will confirm and post pics if there is interest. thanks, Judah
  3. I have 3, factory new Ron Arra blanks that are ready for a new home. I also have brand new, fuji KR-concept layouts that are matched perfectly for building each. I had planned to build these for myself but haven't gotten to them. (1) XRA 1205-2 for $200 Guide layout: BCMNAT HD top 08(09) - 3.6mm tube, BCKWFG 20, BCLKWFG 12, BCLKWFG 10, and BCLKWFG 8 runners x3 - all for $60 (2) XRA 1383-2 for $275 - each (2) Guide layout(s): BCMNAT HD top 08(7.5) - 3.0mm tube, BCKWFG 25, BCKWFG 16, BCLKWFG 10, and BCLKWFG 8 runners x7 - $80 each layout Would prefer local meetup near Columbia, MD or Lewes, DE. Would be willing to take $750 for everything. thanks for looking
  4. Your secret is safe on the worlds most viewed public striped bass fishing forums. Don’t worry a bit.
  5. You receive the second place award my friend lol
  6. You might have just gotten the award for ‘best thinker of the day’ here on this thread - well done! you are correct about the silicone
  7. Thanks for the reply! - I have a Reynolds available but really like the mesh bottom in the Justice design so hopefully I can find another one that’s ‘just right’ sized eventually. first world problem, I guess
  8. Hey Delmarva folks - want to get a Justice rack and haven’t been able to get ahold of anyone via the phone number and the website doesn’t seem to exist any longer… anyone know if Justice still exists and are still making racks?? had a smaller one for a while and jumped on a chance to buy a bigger one and sold my small one. Now thinking I want to go back to something a bit smaller due to the fact I just don’t need all that space but really love the Justice design with the mesh etc. any help would be most appreciated - even if it’s confirmation they aren’t making them any longer. best Judah
  9. It’s like nothing makes sense anymore in this country - there are probably 10 better solutions to the issue of overcrowded beaches and surf tags (or is there even an issue the 17k cap is looking to solve??) some of which could generate even more revenue sell as many as we people will buy and just limit the number of vehicles on the sand like AI with a counter and gate? open the damn point and quit closing areas for birds and up the cap?
  10. Brought a neighbor down beginning of October… better than me but it’s all a wash these days. Smile says it all!!
  11. Many surfcasters have asked this same question over the years but none has been able to find the truth. Some have thought it was ignorant folks not airing down or leaving the dreaded traction control on… others have opined that physics was to blame… And yet we still do not know the true answer could it be horses or birds? Neigh. Not likely. please tell us when you have come to a reasonable conclusion
  12. Squall is a fine starter reel. Not as beefy as the fathom mag and clicker/not as loud. drag not as sturdy either but a good price point to start at. I have both and still use both Either would be a great reel that would provide many years of good casts if taken care of decently.
  13. Right on. Thanks for the advice!