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  1. I’m pretty sure Pt Pleasant Beach still has resident only parking. Non residents can’t park east of the railroad tracks. Not sure how they can get away with that if the beaches are open.
  2. I didn’t fish tonite but my buddy did in SoMoCo and said water was clean. No weed and sadly, no fish
  3. This “parking” thing is becoming a bit suspect. Towns like Spring Lake did it back in April and kept it in place until Tuesday. They had no choice due to the fact that they have a beach and not allowing parking was tantamount to allowing residents only on the beach. I don’t know the spots you’re referring to Sudsy but if there is no “beach access restriction” issue, what’s the reason? This might end up being a blanket option for any neighborhood looking to restrict parking.
  4. When you’re fishing the way most of us like to fish, the new “normal” is the same as the old one. It might be an ass ache to get to your spot but once you’re there, you find that nothing’s changed.
  5. That’s not true. There are access points in all towns to get on the beach. Spring Lake had a parking restriction in place where there was NO allowed street parking, resident or non-resident, but that was rescinded last Tuesday. It is patently against the law to restrict beach access to residents only.
  6. This might be one of the last 2019 posts so let’s just say I’m looking forward to the first 2020 Bass!
  7. Well Nam, I was speaking specifically about the end of my fishing season from the beach but your question begs a response best stated by a song we both remember called "The eve of distruction".
  8. Snuck out of family festivities to get some beach time in SoMoCo at dusk. Managed 1 really small fish but 1 really small fish is better than 0 small fish. The gear will remain in the car for awhile but the end is near.
  9. Happy Holidays to all you guys and gals. Thanks for all the fishing reports telling me about the fish you’re catching when I’m getting skunked. Thanks for making me feel like a complete googan! Bah Humbug you bastards!
  10. Had me a holiday season skunking this evening. SoMoCo. I was getting texts from buddies that were into them at dusk but the bite died at dark.
  11. Hit it tonite in SoMoCo with nothing to show for it. As was the case last night, only able to put in about 45 minutes before my hands got too cold. I am so lucky to live as close to the beach as I do because I can call it a night after such a short period of time without having committed an hour drive to and from. I speak to a lot of guys that live long distances from the Shore yet still spend a lot of time on the beach. I admire the hell out of you guys for the time you commit to just getting out there.
  12. Got one in SoMoCo on Tsunami Sandeel. Between my cold hands and dropping water level, boogied after 45 minutes.
  13. Sorry about your loss brother. It sucks but after awhile, the sorrow will be replaced by great memories and the realization that your friend had a GREAT life provided by you and your family. Hence the term "lucky dog".
  14. Late report from yesterday. Hit a SoMoCo beach in the morning and got skunked. Decided to head south and picked up 10. Came back to that same SoMoCo beach late afternoon to pick up another 10.
  15. Water practically black where I fished in SoMoCo this afternoon. Not a touch.