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  1. Add me to that list of "wrong doers". Not a touch this weekend for me in SoMoCo. I was either fishing at nite when the bite was during the day or just plain didn't happen at all at my spot.
  2. Very quiet night in SoMoCo tonite. My buddy got one but I got the skunk.
  3. Fished SoMoCo from about 7:15-9:00 tonite. Got 2, both on the teaser. Lost a couple more.
  4. Got on a SoMoCo beach around 5:15 this afternoon and got one on the first cast. Figured I was done-for, destined to suffer the "first cast curse". Got a nice fish on my third cast and another on my 12th. What curse, says I, must be a fig newton of my imagination. Not another touch for the rest of the session. Tsunami Sandeel.
  5. I’m gonna be optimistic and say that this blow will stir things up and get us back to catching fish, albeit rats. Personally, I don’t mind catching small fish cause I fish pretty light tackle. I know some find a Sandeel bite boring but catching fish is never boring to me.
  6. Hit SoMoCo this morning around 10:00 AM and got 1 on a Tsunami Sandeel. Back to the same beach around 7:00 tonight. NW wind was honking and water was pretty flat. Not a touch.
  7. One of those epic nights that don't happen for me too often. Stepped on to a So MoCo beach at 6:30 and had it to myself. Figured that it was gonna suck but what the hell. Got 19 fish in 2 hours and left them biting. Fish varied from 12" to 25/26". Got them on a Fin-s that I let float with the sweep.
  8. When fishing areas that are clearly benefitting from the presence of Sandeels, it seems to me that once it gets dark, the bite turns off. I'm wondering if others find this. Knowing the habits of Sandeels, they tend to be burrowed in at dark, coming out at dawn. This is counter to the traditional thinking that Striper fishing turns on at night. Any thoughts?
  9. Got 6 late afternoon in MoCo. All on Tsunami Sandeel. Conditions were good. Have some observations on a Sandeel bite so rather than high jacking the report thread, gonna start a new one.
  10. Best day of the season for me. Picked up 8 in southern MoCo. Lots of guys on the beach but everyone had their space. Really nice rainbow. Fished from 1:30 until dark which meant I spared myself watching the s*itass Giants lose again
  11. I tried Southern MC this afternoon around lunch with no action at all. Back at it at dusk getting one really tiny fish on a teaser.
  12. One of those days..... Hit a MC beach around 5:15 PM with conditions looking really good. Saw a guy bring one in using my favorite plug. We crossed paths shortly thereafter and he told me he had gotten 6. I figured this was gonna be a good night. I didn't get so much as a touch. Walked off the beach thinking that I couldn't hit sand if I fell off a Camel.
  13. Gave it a shot tonite around 7 out front in MC. Apparently Nam cleaned the place out cause it was deader than Kelsey's nuts for me. Conditions looked good although I couldn't tell about the clarity.
  14. To Crazybellringer: Wasn't me on the lawn chair but that was still one of the funniest threads on this site. I do however recall responding to a question posed on a Facebook surfcasting site about what to do when you're on the beach and are suddenly overwhelmed by the need to take a dump. I advised that first and foremost, all pretense of modesty and secrecy must be abandoned forthwith. With that said, simply peel off your waders at waters edge, drop anchor and allow that steamer to cool off a bit. Once that Lincoln log has firmed up, simply thread a stringer threw that bad boy, sling it over your shoulder and should anyone ask, tell them it's a boneless brown trout! I hasten to add that no innocent lawn chair was harmed in that endeavor.
  15. Hit Spring Lake this afternoon around 4 just to check it out. Had to take a leak so I stood leeward off one of the posts in the pavilion. I'm whizzing away while looking at the water thinking 'damn, nothing's coming out.' Looked down at my right leg which was drenched! Had to go home to change and decided not to go back....(don't know why I posted that and will probably regret it in the morning).