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  1. can you tell me what kind of line, and approximately how much line on the spool? backing?
  2. I will take one pack
  3. If it's not too late I would like to try out a midnight herring surfster, and a white with pink sides 2 oz. pencil from the other thread...
  4. Offer 30 shipped for #'s 1,2,5 (from left to right) if you are willing to split...
  5. Merry Christmas.
  6. Cool boogie board float. Never seen a setup like that, almost provides you a mini sorting platform no?
  7. My personal experience with the ll beans is that they were not tall enough. I am 6'3 and size 11, And these are the emerger II boot foot in size xl, boot size 11. Had a pair if cabelas boot foot canvas breathables, In size 11 or 12, that were taller and fit better than the ll beans. FWIW. Boot quality and comfort of the cabelas left something to be desired, however, but they also didn't leak on me. The ll beans did after 1 year.
  8. Danny's and redfins, yes. In the spring in the herring run ponds. Just started experimenting with this more this year, not a lot of fish, but a few nice ones.
  9. Nice fish man. Ill be on the island this Friday through about Tuesday. Plan on doing a ton of fishing/ exploring, my primary means of transportation being a bike. Sounds like the south side is worth checking out. Staying in madaket so going to scope out all the close by spots over there as well. Any other suggestions welcome as well, have never fished there. Pms welcome. Interested in perhaps an albie or two if theres any still around, but Primarily targeting bass. Thanks for the reports sounds like you're getting into some decent fishing over there, hope it continues.
  10. I'll pass on the tails but thanks.
  11. $12 shipped for the two plugs?
  12. I will take 1 lot of jumpin minnows
  13. Can you confirm the size of the jumpin minnows? If they are the largest size I will take one lot.
  14. Ok sold to Reed.