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  1. Disregard this post. I didn't see the nearly exact post above mine...oops
  2. For those who chunk bunker often, what is a good, affordable spinning rod that can throw up to 10oz? I have a gift card to Cabela's and Dick's to go towards the purchase and the reel I'll be using will most likely be a Shimano baitrunner 6500b. Thanks
  3. I'll check the nrs tops out, thanks
  4. This is the one. If anyone knows of a comparable top (not aquaskinz) and can vouch for a good, roomy fit, I'm open to suggestions. The price is what really caught my attention. I know other Guy Cotten gear fits well, I'm just not sure about this.
  5. Were you happy with it? Trying it on isn't really an option unfortunately. I should add that most light weight jackets (North face, etc...) I own are 2x and are plenty spacious, but the sleeves and wasteline are a little short. A 2xtall would be ideal. Any comparison? And are these tops made over seas or in the US? I feel like that makes a difference. Thanks
  6. A great plug doesn't sit in a shadow box and get sold and traded amongst plug hoarders.
  7. How do these tops fit? I'm 6'4, long arms, long torso and yes... I have a gut (carried well) Are they short and wides like the terrible fitting aquaskinz raptor tops, which I see some resemblance too...or do they accommodate lengthy heavysets such as myself? Thanks in advance
  8. Eels aren't artificial and seem to be very effective and get you right in the strike zone
  9. You got it! Pm coming
  10. I can do $23.. let me know what you think. Thx
  11. Price drop $40
  12. $45 for the pair PP
  13. Closing this one up.
  14. I'd trade for any of the above listed in used condition + $10 or a plug in equal value to make the difference. I prefer the older paint patterns but I'll take a new one if nothing else. thanks