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  2. Does anyone know how tog feed, in schools, or their behavior at all? If i find out this info it will help me a great deal on how to catch these things. Also do they like a certain water clarity?
  3. thanx i went on the oc reef last weekend had a few nice tog but i want to find somewhere closer to shore but i dont no where
  4. does anyone have coordinates for any wrecks within two miles off of the oc reef?
  5. i will certainly try this idea!
  6. yea i mean i just don't have the money for that stuff. maybe if i just drop a commercial cage over night.
  7. what is the easiest way to catch a bunch of these critters?
  8. where does the sinker go on? someone put up a complete diagram via paint.
  9. do u fish off of jetties? have any advice on a tog rod? i use spinning gear.
  10. three things:1.) What does a snafu rig do that a dropper loop rig single doesnt. does it allow somehting different? 2.)I use crabs under rocks calles asian shore crabs. they r excellent off jetties. 3.)what wrong with my screename it sounds cool for this surf talk thing.
  11. no in ocean city new jersey but will tog bite them?
  12. ok thanx. do u no if there any good for tog?
  13. does anyone know how to make a fiddler crab trap? one that u can ust leave there. they r great bait for tog so i wanna try them for bait!