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  1. Yeah I’ll do $24 via pp, pm on its way sold pending payment
  2. Bump open to offers
  3. For sale, price includes shipping and pp fees would to sell em together is possible $30 for both or best offer 1. Bigfish savage tadpole, used, but great shape, 3.5” and 3/4oz 2. Stragetic Angler/HPT Zouk, used, excellent shape, 3” and 8 grams
  4. Going to close it down, no interest
  5. Greenpoint sold and paid Bigfish price drop to $20 shipped
  6. Sold and paid and closed
  7. All yours, I’ll send you a PM
  8. Yes it stretches, it’s bungee like material. All the hardware is stainless steel
  9. All yours, I’ll send you a pm now, thank you
  10. For sale, smart lanyard 20” version, black. I cant say it’s new as it’s been out of the package, but shows no signs of wear or discolor, so it’s “used” $15 price includes shipping/pp fees, will ship Friday or Saturday
  11. For sale, both new, never used or carried, price includes shipping (which went up again!) and PP fees, prices are listed or best offer. 1. Greenpoint sharp eye swimmer, 7” and 1.7oz, color is green, light purple, silver to white, looks great in person. $40 2. Bigfish swimmer, forget the name, I know it’s a clone/replica of an old school bait. I don’t think Larry made many of these. It’s 3.5” and .9oz, think it’s called tequila sunrise color $30
  12. Sold/paid/thank you
  13. All yours, pm on its way
  14. All lots sold and paid for. Thank you
  15. All yours will send you a pm now, thank you