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  1. Still available
  2. That knob was either bought from jigging world (now tackle world) or off eBay. You have to grind a little off the inside of the handle to create a flat spot for the knob screw.
  3. Up for sale is a gold TRQS7, first gen Torque 7. Loaded with either 70 or 80 lb daiwa boat braid. Some of the bearing seals have been removed and bearings packed with grease to make it more free spinning. Reel has only been used on boat. Cost is $435 shipped. Let me know which handle you'd prefer with it (the other handle will go on my torque 9). (Admin note- this reel is not for sale at any other location per my previous posting)
  4. ThIs is a great price on a very good reel. Wish you had posted this five months ago before I got mine. I ended up getting approx 300 yds of 40 lb daiwa boat braid on mine.
  5. This is a good price on this reel, especially when compared to new. GLWS
  6. Thanks sonny! If nothing pops up before then I will revisit this thread and see if yours came in.
  7. Any floating around out there?
  8. Thanks, but really need the bailed version.
  9. Thanks for the heads up midwest, didn't see that one. Posting in this thread is fine by me then.
  10. Looking to pick up another Penn Torque 7 bailed. Black or gold does not matter. Post up what you have and what you'd be willing to sell it for. Thanks
  11. Deep, so far so good. I use mine a lot for speed/vertical jigging and every once in a while will have to re-tighten the screw that holds it on. If I was just bait fishing or throwing lures with it I don't think I'd have to do anything to it. So far I'm really liking it. These knobs are very free spinning.
  12. I have two 5's and two 7's now. The 5 is quickly becoming my favorite reel to use. Will be taking my 5's on a YFT tuna trip to the GOM soon and will see if they hold up just as well as my 7's, which I suspect they will. Last year 75 lb YFT were no match for my 7's.
  13. Brunswick. Tybee Island outside of Savannah also has some good bull red fishing this time of year.
  14. You know, I didn't even check. It's cool but still very pleasant to be in. A good number of people out on the beach and in the water today.