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  1. I was doing this from my phone and thought I sent it through PM. I usually don’t do these rookie mistakes! Thanks
  2. Send you the shipping number shortly
  3. Thank you
  4. I’ll ship them out today
  5. With all this craziness going on right now I’m not going anywhere. If you want them I’ll ship them for $85 which is a very fair price. It’s going to cost me more than $5 we are haggling about to drive around and meet up somewhere. I can ship them out today still. Let me know
  6. I can split the difference and do $85 shipped. Could even get it out to you today!
  7. Yes they would fit perfect!
  8. bump....open to offers
  9. Bump, I’m 5’11 and 170# if sizing helps
  10. Ok great, will ship out tomorrow and provide you a tracking number bryan
  11. Sale pending payment
  12. Ok great
  13. Sale pending pick up
  14. Ok great
  15. $35 is more than fair, pp fees and shipping are included in this price