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  1. Everyone that follows rules and regulations. It has been reported everywhere.
  2. Not to mention excise tax. You can do a 5year reg. in maine I believe. I also think you can do it online and they'll mail you the plates. Google it
  3. I've used mackerel and herring ground up with bunker oil. Never tried or would try bluefish. Bluefish are very tough to grind. I grind and keep adding a little oil into the grinder once in a while. Good luck.
  4. How long has that thing been out there solitude?
  5. There not releasing any fish with just a gash in them. Those darts are electrified. If hit in the "meat" most die instantly. There are certain spots that the dart it's as effective such as the guts. Most of these guys permits are structured where you can take one slot fish on a charter, or two giants (73 inches or over) on a commercial permit.
  6. I bet things will look a lot different Friday. With this week of warm weather I think a lot of paved surfaces will melt out. The drifts and snowbanks will be a different story.
  7. I'll bring you a blue shark this year, let me know how it tastes
  8. May he fly with the Angels. My thoughts are with the family at this difficult time. I always enjoyed reading his thoughts on this site.
  9. Theres no respect for other people's property anymore. It's a shame!
  10. If anything it looks even more packed.
  11. The army corps could care less about fish. They're only concern is safe passage through the canal for vessels.
  12. It definitely wasn't sampsons, it was taken in a river
  13. My favorite fluke spot, south side of nomans!
  14. My shotgun holds five shells of 00 buckshot, it would be empty when Leo inspected it.
  15. This is the same Jon that was shot by the hunter, correct? The one that wants to ban ALL hunting on the cape?