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  1. Hello Beastly,


    I was planning a Trip to the Clarion this Fall for Brown Trout and was wondering if you ever fish the Allegheny River below the Kinsua Dam. It looks like it is about an hours drvie from the Clarion.






  2. Good old Larry the Slug. He has been a major disappointment.


    Cell # for future reference:  443-255-8417

  3. Howdy J,


    Jay B here.


    Contact info: Cell 443-255-8417, Email: jimblair2@verizon.net

  4. Howdy Victor,


    It has been a while.


    Last year I was recovering from surgery to remove a tumor from my aorta and with all the flooding in the Spring and the Fall it was a tough year.  Still got some nice fish and had some great fishing on my first trip to Canada. More challenges this year with Pagett's disease and mild form of Leukemia and while I have some more surgery pending I hope to get back out there this year. As per usual I have been testing some new lures and look forward to some jigging for trout in the early season. I just spooled up some Daiwa 6lb 8X Grand and it is some very small diameter smooth braid much like the Suffix Nano braid, but it is supposed to handle better and be much tougher. I will let you know how it works with the micro jigs.



    1. Exit15w


      hey lets hook up im in Hudson county area,lets get some stripers

  5. Buddha,


    Most folks will not recognize the lures because they are hard to find and I would prefer that they not become common knowledge.


    For you own information they are Zip Bait, Rigge 80 F slims and 90 F and SP minnow baits. They are somewhat pricey and hard to find, but well worth it.


    I have some Megabass lures, but am not a big fan of their overpriced offerings.

    1. buddha162


      Thank you Jay! Sent you a PM.

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