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  1. nope, just not enough coffee and I misinterpreted his entire point. My bad.
  2. The Republicans have never had a problem with people having their sexual proclivities with the exception of pedophiles. They just don't believe that other people need to publicly acknowledge them and embrace them like LGTBQ+ community.
  3. Anyone that thinks Code Pink cares about peace should think again. They are leftwing loons and have always been leftwing loons.
  4. Edited, I misinterpreted the post. Sorry Baccigalup.
  5. Only a racist leftwing loon like Joey Reid could draw a parallel between those two events.
  6. You have that right and there is no way she is going to debate J.D. It most likely would be more catastrophic for her than Biden's debate performance. No matter who the Democrats foist upon their electorate they will all have the same old failed policies and will have to run as hard and as fast as they can away from the issues their policies have created. Hoaxes and hate Trump are the only tools in their toolbox. Having to tone down their hate speech due to Trump's attempted assassination it very inconvenient for them and they deserve it.
  7. Yeah, That DEI hire has a lot of splaining to do regarding her agency's catastrophic security failures.
  8. Yeah that's nothing new. When they are not trashing Trump, they are busy kicking poor old Joe in the ball sack. What nice folks. By the way the vaxxed and boosted Joe Biden has the China Virus for the third time and has retired to Delaware. So far, the Republican Convention has been excellent and a master stroke, especially with the everyday Americans and gold star families. Gee, I wonder what will happen at the Democrat Convention. The poor Biden Delegates don't even know who or what they will be voting for.
  9. Trump decimated Biden during the debate and the doddering Biden imploded and folded. It is interesting how the entire MSM did an immediate and coordinated 180 after the debate declaring that Biden had to go. While the Republicans are more united than ever the Democrats are staging a coup against their own President after he won their primary and secured their delegates. I guess Joe's loyalty means nothing to them. It is the Democrats that are against Democracy and will use any means to justify their ends. They have no guiding principles or loyalty to anyone other than themselves. The welfare of the country and its citizens has not even mentioned by the Democrats. The only thing they care about is dumping Joe because they know they will lose. The Democrats" and the Media's hoaxes have been laid bare and are exposed for everyone to see. They are nothing, but fraudsters perpetrating endless frauds and hoaxes to cover up their failures and total lack of accountability. The Democrat Party the wanted to kick Trump off of the ballot is now kicking poor old Joe in the nuts.
  10. The do, but what they really like are Left-Wing focus groups to help them determine how they can create the most panic, fear and divisiveness.
  11. Unlimited unfettered government-paid 9-month abortions and hate Trump is all the Left has left to sell because they have no policies or leaders that anyone wants. Their promise to lower the political temperature only lasted for about a day because hate and divisiveness is all the have to sell while they are trying to dump their duly elected Presidential candidate just before their own convention. What nice folks. They are a cult..... an amoral death cult.
  12. They consider any traditional American that is not a Leftist Kleptocrat to be redneck version of Hitler. It fits with their DEI D-Division E-Exclusion I-Intolerance
  13. My guess is the MSM will not show Trump's speech in its entirety and will only cherry pick edited portions of it, if the show it at all.
  14. Sounds like the usual case of Leftist projection to me. Geez, maybe she is scared of debating the brilliant, X-Marine, Yale graduate that pulled himself up by his bootstraps from his humble beginning in Appalachia.
  15. The Executive Branch is responsible for the security of the candidates and Biden Administration utterly failed. The Secret Service also failed catastrophically, and we still have to heard a peep from Secret Service, or their leadership. In the meantime the FBI is already making up excuses claiming that only after a couple of days they can't get into the shooter's cell phone and declaring he was a lone wolf assassin even though they have not completed their interviews or their investigation.
  16. They looked like the Keystone Cops.
  17. Everything the Biden Administration touches is a failure. They consistently fail at everything.
  18. The Secret Service was supposed to be at the Law Enforcement Press conference late last night and for unexplained reasons they were a no show. All the FBI and State Police had to say about it was the Secret Service was unavailable. What a crock, with all of the Secret Service personnel, not one of them was available. The Pittsburg FBI director said their investigation would thorough and transparent. With the current FBI leadership, I will believe it when a see it. Considering that this was the biggest security failure in decades it is not surprising that the Secret Service Leadership is hiding from the public. The SS were running around like a bunch of chickens with their head cut off during the shooting.
  19. How much you want to bet he was also on some type of medication.
  20. Total fail by the Secret Service and if is proved the Mayorkas refused additional security for Trump then in borders on criminal negligence. The Biden Justice Department and Department of Homeland Security are a disgrace.
  21. 80% of psychiatric therapy patients are liberals. Demonize and dehumanize Trump and MAGA voters combined with the poor training of a law enforcement agencies that emphasized DEI over competence, and this is what you get.
  22. Knewb likes his willful blindness approach. Wishing his fake propaganda is going to resurrect the Dead Horse also known as Brandon it not going to work anyway. Sort of like Brandon screaming at Democrats in the rally today telling the attendees that he won the primary and they are going to vote for him. I guess Brandon thinks they don't have a choice, sort of like the last time.
  23. They have already leaked the fact that Biden has not attended a Cabinet meeting since last October. Expect more leaks in the near future.
  24. I find it ironic that any of Joe's cabinet members attended the Presser because Joe has not attended a cabinet meeting since last October and his White House staff requires his Cabinet Members to provide their question in advance so that can consider if they want to respond, or not. Doesn't sound anything like the regular interactive Cabinet Meetings Trump had. The Entire Brandon White House is a clown show and Biden screaming and ranting at Democrat voters during his political rallies is not going to help. Brandon can't even articulate his attacks on Trump and that is all he has left because he can't defend his record. Blinken's expression when Brandon declared Trump was his vice president was priceless.
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