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  1. Replace the word Liberal with Secular Progressive Globalist. There are no Liberal Leftists anymore.
  2. When I run into a person asking me to use their plural pronoun I figure that person has a multiple personality disorder and it it best to leave and minimize contact.
  3. I have had similar experience with Grand and X4 and don't like either. I guess I should try some of the newer braids, but it sounds like you have had mixed results with the coated lines holding up. Our mutual friend got me to try what I think was the original braid offering from YGK that had a woven sheath over a braid core and it was a disaster with the recoil guides. The sheath started to slip and stretch like the woven cover on parachute cord and it bunched up. That was a number of years ago and at this point I am no longer sure it was YGK braid. I have not gotten my hands on a newest Steez and I am not surprised that Daiwa has refined it. Our mutual friend had one of the earliest models and I was not that impressed with its somewhat moderate action, ergonomics and sensitivity, however it was an incredibly light and versatile rod that cast extremely well. It sounds like the engineering on the blank and action on new Steez is similar to the NRX.
  4. I get it and sorry I misinterpreted your point. Yeah we all had our sophomoric moments especially while under the influence.
  5. Well I missed the dorm room chatter part, but it is still an incredibly dumb and thoughtless idea even if it was a joke or chatter. I guess that was your point and it was a duh! moment on my part.
  6. That is probably the dumbest comment I have seen in a long time. How would you know which of the unborn to abort. Based on your logic you would have to abort every unborn child and maybe that is a good idea for Dim Wits while the rest of us keep and cherish our children and grandchildren. Slacker is the type of person that Margret Sanger's eugenics movement thought were to dumb to reproduce. The goal of the Eugenics Movement was to stop idiots and low functioning morons from reproducing because they would be a drag on society and hurt the genetic pool.
  7. They are widely available medicines that can induce an abortion that don't require a medical procedure and there is only one State that I know that might ban most abortions so you are either trying to gas light us or are totally ignorant. My guess is the latter. I don't see the Dems trying to protect the thousands of Immigrant children that are being sexual abused and sold into sex trades. They don't even want to acknowledge it.
  8. The vaccine mandate was also the leading cause of the trucker shortage and our supply chain problems. When you combine the trucker shortage will the ridiculous price of diesel fuel the problem is only getting worse because most independent truckers can't make a profit. The law of unintended consequences is biting the Dim Wit Party and the rest of us on the arse big time.
  9. Thanks for the input Buddha, however I am casting 100' or more with the J-Brain X8 and I have found it to be rounder, slicker, quieter, softer, ties great knots and handles better than the coated braids I have used. I also like the fact that J-Braid handles great right out of the box without any break-in, the color doesn't fade and J-Braid lasts a long time. Since I have switched to the improved Alberto knot for my leaders I have no problems with knot damage from the recoil guides and my leaders last for days of hard fishing even when I am blasting my casts to get maximum distance. The only time I need to replace leaders is when they get too short from retying lures a number of times. I have found a 12' leader is all I need with a 7-1/2 rod to fool wary wild trout in gin clear water and when I used the Steez rods and they were not nearly as sensitive as the NRX and don't feel as good in my hand, or have the hook setting power or the new NRX +. The main advantage of the Steez rods in my opinion was the fact they were lighter and cast a wider range of lure weights than the original NRX, but the new NRX+ rods are as light or lighter than the Steez, have more power and have a rock solid more comfortable feel combined with the great sensitivity of the original NRX rods. There is a reason the NRX and NRX + 901S and 902S are considered to be two of the finest spinning rods ever made. If using a extremely light powerful rod with almost no memory and great sensitivity is important to you and you can get your hands on a NRX+ I think you will agree.
  10. The last information I read indicated new Republican Party Registrations were up 176% compared to new Democrat Registrations in a number of States, including Purple and Blue States.
  11. I think you are right Pleco. My brother and I used to catch a lot of White Catfish in brackish rivers and they looked like the fish billthe5th described. The wide flat head combined with the forked tail sounds a White Catfish. If I recall correctly the white catfish is the biggest member of the bullhead catfish family and they grow to about 10 to 11 lbs. Some States stocked White Catfish in rivers and lakes many years ago. I have not heard about any recent stockings of white catfish because Channel Cats have become more popular with the warm water fish hatcheries and catfish anglers.
  12. Rivershoulders, The Varivas Super Trout Advance Max Power X8 PE size PE 0.6 Champaign Gold sounds like would perform well for casting for micro jigs. I am curious to know how long you have been using the Fluorocarbon X8 coated braid because in my experience the coatings wear out much faster than the braid. I have not had good experience with coated braid because my rods have recoil guides. I typically get 4 to 5 years of hard use out of a spool of Daiwa 8X. I have had the same challenges with the super small diameter braids. They are very susceptible to line twist and other issues that affect their casing performance and durability.
  13. Over 60 Secret Service Agents were injured when Leftists burned the church in DC and tried to storm the Whitehouse to get Trump.
  14. If gays want to get married that is fine with me, but I think they had the best of both worlds before the marriage thing. If their marriage doesn't work they have to get a divorce and suffer the consequences just like the rest of us. The primary reason marriage became an institution and a sacrament was to protect the children and the Left could not care less about children, especially the unborn. With modern conception being effective, cheap and often free bragging about 1 in 4 women getting an abortion is evidence of our current society's failures and depravity.
  15. Hey, I resemble that remark.