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  1. Bill is more of a liberal and like many thinking Liberals he is not comfortable with these New Age Secular Progressives that dominate his party.
  2. So the candidate, their platform and the fact they are an incumbent that beat Abrams the last time has nothing to do with the outcome of the primary race. It is all about three candidates that Trump endorsed that are not going to win and the other 83 he endorsed that are going to win are irrelevant. Trump's endorsed candidates have a 96.5 percent success rate and non-Trump endorsed 3.57 percent. A 3.57% win rate is pretty much ridiculous and borders on totally irrelevant. You useful idiot Leftwing sycophant Cod.
  3. Cod, The major reason Kemp is ahead is because the defeated Stacey Abrams the last time and the people of Georgia absolutely do not want Abrams to win. Republican Turnout for the Primaries is up 96% and the Dems only 29%. That is a YUGE enthusiasm gap and Latinos, Asians, and Blacks are turning out for the GOP in record numbers never seen before. There are exactly 3 non-Trump endorsed candidates that won or look like the will win and they are the exception not the rule. Prepare yourself for a Red Tsunami.
  4. 81 of the of the 84 Trumps endorsed candidates won their primaries, or are so far ahead in the polls they are mostly likely going win. Kemp is one of the few anomalies. Lefties always like to point to an exception as a trend.
  5. 65 new cases of Monkey Pox have been identified in the USA and they were all gays that had intimate contact with other individuals when they traveled out of the country. Like AIDS gay promiscuity is the major cause of the outbreak and I would not be surprised if IV drug users will be next group to spread it.
  6. Many folks vote with their hearts instead of their heads and it may prove to be fatal for this country, but I still have hope. There is no debating the facts with Progressives and when confronted with reality they simply shut down, get angry and start making baseless accusations based on their preconceived notions about people that don't agree with them. They are drunk on their own Kool Aid. The only solution is to discredit them and their leaders by voting them out of office and taking their power away.
  7. So do I Joey, but you are right about the electorates' short memory and the level of corruption in our government. Even though Trump kept his promises and his policies worked for the benefit of Americans and America many weak-kneed voters got tired of the constant Orange Man Bad narrative promulgated by the Left and Dem Media and gave the Secular Progressives another chance. Rather than change their ways and unite the country the Democrats double down on their stupid destructive policies and decided to punish the electorate for electing Trump in the first place. Trump outed them and the only way the Secular Progressives see as a path forward is to ostracize and punish their political enemies.
  8. They are desperate because they know what is coming if we have open and fair elections and that is why they are acting like bullies and despots. The Secular Progressive Democrat Party promised to calm things down and unite the country if we gave them power and they have done just the opposite. They are always angry and see potential enemies everywhere. Rather the fix things they want to tear it all down and create something else, but even they don't know what that something else is. It is just another false claim and admission of total failure.
  9. The Secular Progressives refuse to accept responsibility for their over 60 years of failed policies and broken promises and are becoming desperate. They have become too lazy and incompetent to come up with any real solutions or even attempt to change their policies, so their response has been to attack the citizens that don't support them by instituting their Equity agenda to punish and destroy the middle class and other citizens that criticize them and no longer believe their lies. Their formerly strongest constituent groups like Blacks, Latinos, and the Middle Class no longer believe their lies and the Secular Progressives have responded with their mass immigration democrat voter replacement program and a full on attack to destroy their political opponents and disillusioned supporters. The Progressive propaganda campaign labeling Republicans, Conservatives, Trump supporters, concerned parent and those that no supporting their policies as terrorists combined and their Ministry of Truth to deny the reality of the problems they have created speaks to their true level of desperation.
  10. I totally agree Mack. When the first graphite rods came out in the 70's they changed my fishing success and enjoyment dramatically. Since then I have been on the hunt for the lightest, most sensitive low memory reasonably priced rods I could find, but most of them were not as sensitive as those early Daiwa graphite rods. 15 years ago I decided to bite the bullet and try some of the best rods available and while Shimano and Daiwa rods were excellent, the most sensitive and lowest memory rods I have ever found were the G. Loomis NRX rods. Those rods took my fishing to an entirely different level like those early graphite rods did. Some of the other major manufacturers high prices rods offerings had excellent fit and finish, however the were poorly engineered dead sticks that did not perform well and I quickly traded them in for other rods. You would think that once you reached the $400 dollar plus range that all the rods would be good to great, but that was not the case. Unlike Loomis, Daiwa, and Shimano not many of the other rod manufacturers have figured out how to achieve the high level of performance, engineering and durability that these three have achieved. Some of those other manufacturers' rods were light and low memory, but fragile while others were heavier and tough, but poorly engineered dead sticks with lots of memory. The NRX rods are expensive and for that reason I have only bought one every three years or so, but it is hard to fish with anything else once you have experienced them. The new version of the NRX series the NRX + came out a year ago and the most popular models sold out in only a few weeks. The NRX + are available again and I purchase one, fished with it and all I can only say WOW! It is far lighter, has lower memory, and is even more powerful than the original NRX series of Rods. If you are willing to make the investment to replace one of your favorite rods you might want to consider the NRX +, but I have to warn you that it is tough to go back to anything else. I also have to warn you that the NRX and NRX + rods with their tiny recoil guides are designed to be braid launchers and are single piece. The NRX rods are great long distance braid launchers, but if you are fishing with mono or fluorocarbon lines the best Shimano and Daiwa rods with their larger guides are a better choice for casting distance. While there are some other manufacturers that might have one or two good to great rods in their rod series, G. Loomis, Shimano and Daiwa seem to be the best engineered and have the most consistent performance when it comes to all of their rods. IMO if you are looking for great blanks, engineering, components, durability and consistent performance these three manufacturers lead the pack.
  11. It is similar to AIDS in the way it is transmitted and a smallpox vaccination will prevent it. Unlike the COVID and Flu vaccines, the Smallpox vaccine actually works.
  12. The Brandon Regime declaring they are going to begin selling new oil exploration leases means nothing if the Department of Energy, Department of the Interior, and the EPA will not approve the permits required to work them. That is the game this Regime has been playing. You can buy a lease, but you can't get the permits required to explore, drill, and pump the oil and gas.
  13. Yep, Xi is flying his fighters and bombers over Taiwan. Where is the US Pacific Fleet. Nowhere.
  14. Our Globalist butt-boys better watch out for the Money Pox. I heard it is sexually transmitted. Nothing worst than a Leftist Globalist with pustules.