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  1. The Patagonia waders are better than the Simms for a whole host of reasons like their better design, functionality and durability.
  2. The price of many foods including beef went up about 30% in less than a week. Bi-dumbs America.
  3. Looks like a young white sucker with that undershot mouth. If the mouth extends like a tube it is not a chub.
  4. I had to bite the bullet 15 year ago and go to sunglasses with graduated bifocals for close and far. Makes your depth perception a little off until you brain makes the adjustment to the bifocals. Erhlichiosis ruined my eyes after I got a bad tick bite. The joint damage got better, but my eyes never did.
  5. G. Loomis 901S NRX medium light fast action 7'6" rod combined with a Stella 4000 HG or a 902S NRX medium power fast action 7'6" with a 4000 Twin Power. They are the two most versatile outfits I have ever owned and truly a pleasure to fish with.
  6. My sun glasses have high contrast prescription lenses and that helps, but I still had to practice a lot to get good at trying the Improved Alberto. Its is Scooby, and he has a video on his site Tackle Advisors detailing how to tie a new improved Alberto knot.
  7. Beads and salmon eggs are not PB mouse tails and wild trout do not behave like stocked trout. Just about everyone knows steelhead are suckers for eggs and egg imitations. You are splitting hairs chief. If you catch lots of large wild trout on PB mouse tails then post them up. I am sure we all want to see them. What I am seeing are beads and bead rigs not PB mouse tails. Besides I don't remember anyone asking about how to catch a fish with a guide helping you on a steelhead river. I believe we were helping folks with lures for catching all types if trout, not just steelhead. Each trout species has it own feeding and survival strategies and it helps to note those differences if you want to catch more of them.
  8. It will definitely help with annual POA, crabgrass, and other annual grasses and weeds. You generally want to apply it about two weeks after the soil thaws or just before the forsythia is starting to bloom, otherwise you are wasting your money because the seeds have already started to sprout. Late Summer and Early Fall is the time to kill weeds, feed, and reseed your lawn. Most perennial grass plants live about 3 to 5 years so you need to patch and seed areas where you had weeds and over-seed weak areas in your lawn. It is good idea to use a slow release high nitrogen starter fertilizer just before you seed to give your grass seedlings a boost followed by a more balanced slow release Fertilizer in early November. Fall followed by Spring are your best periods for growing most turf types of bluegrass and tall fescues.
  9. Its Poa, a nuisance blue grass that loves cool weather water and fertilizer. It is considered a weed seed in many of the uncertified seed mixes and its in some grass seed mixes for athletic fields because it tends to green up and fill in during the cool to cold weather season. If you let is re-seed itself it will be all over your lawn in a few years The stuff shows up in the early Spring, generally disappears during the hot weather, and then comes back in the Fall. It is like centipede grass, the only way to get rid of it is with Roundup. It spreads with both runners and seed.
  10. Thanks, I missed that detail the first time around. The boots look great.
  11. So can the Patagonia boots, however Sims no longer offers that service the last time I checked.
  12. Back when men were men and felt was real felt LOL. Does Danner still use real felt?
  13. I feel your pain Captain. The thin light lines virtually disappear when viewed on over the water or a mixed background like weeds and grass. Prescription high contrast polarized glasses help, but I still need sunlight and a dark background as contrast to see the lines. One of the reasons I practice the knots until I can tie them easily and it can still be a challenge in the wind with the onset of osteoarthritis. A river side leader change takes me about 5 minutes even with practice. Not easy when the fish are biting and you are trying to hurry. One of the reasons I changed to the improved Alberto because they last much longer than a uni to uni knot. I have found going slow and taking my time with the knot tying is faster at my age. When I was in my 20's and 30's I used to tease my buds and clients I could tie knots with 4 lb. test line in the moonlight. Those days are long gone.
  14. Our local guides and fly shops have switched over to the Patagonias. I plan to try them the next time around.
  15. The problem is that the manufacturers changed to synthetic felt when many of our rivers developed a Didymo algae problems. They synthetic felt supposedly dries faster and is less likely to spread the algae, however the synthetics do not hold up or wear like natural felts. I wear out the felt on the bottom of G3 synthetic felt bottom boots in about a year and to compensate I added self tapping cleats. The cleats are grippy and reduce the wear on the felt. When I contacted Simms about the boots they denied there was a problem with the new synthetic felt bottoms. Yeah, right, don't believe your lying eyes.