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  1. 30 Dim Mayors have abdicated their responsibilities and have allowed their cities to be ruled by mobs. Sounds like open season to me.
  2. Van Jones is a black Communist with a brain and he is simply pointing out the racism, duplicity and hypocrisy of the Current Dim Party. Of course his solution for all these wingnut Karens is Communism. Van Jones, Perez, and Ellison are card carrying Communists.
  3. 30 Blue cities with out of control riots in their cities. These Idiot Dim Mayors fail their constituents totally and then try to pacify them with some gratuitous rioting and looting while they hold their police forces back. What a surprise they are are Dims. This is what it looks like when clueless Liberal Mayors leadership abdicate their social contract responsibilities.
  4. Hopefully the WTO is next. They have been screwing the USA for years.
  5. We all know how the MSM works. Conservatives peacefully protesting is a disorganized riot. Leftists and criminals looting and rioting is a peaceful organized protest. As far as rioting in Old Baltimore, the city has never rebuilt or repaired the damage from the Freddie Gray riots.
  6. I don't think Watts in LA County have ever recovered either. These riots have zero to do with Trump or the pandemic and everything to do with the fact the Blue Blue politicians have totally failed their constituents. Same as it ever was and Trump has every right to exploit the epic failures of these posers.
  7. I agree with Victor on this one. I have seen a significant increase in hook ups when using lighter leaders with lures. Lures that have a built in action tend to be a little more lively and responsive and lures without a built in action or subtle actions tend swim and wobble more on lighter line. I fish with a father and son that are both excellent fisherman and we divide the fishing day into two sessions morning and evening. For each session with pick a certain section of river, a fishing technique, and spread out and work together as a team. This gives us a chance to experiment and refine our fishing patterns. When the water is low and clear we have had a number of instances where the fisherman using a leader only 2 lbs. lighter almost doubled their catch rate compared the the rest of us using the exact same lure and presentation. It also depends on how limp and flexible the line is. This seems especially true with pressure fish and sharp eyes species like wild trout. They become conditioned to the typical lure presentations and something that is a little more lively or lifelike may make the difference. I am now firmly committed to fluorocarbon leaders, however that was not always been the case. I had excellent success using fluoro leaders in saltwater, but the initial offerings were too hard and stiff for most freshwater applications except maybe toothy critters. Then came the super soft fluorocarbon lines for tippet making material, but they were too soft and had no impact resistance or knot strength. Slowly, but surely the manufacturers refined their formulas and tried an old manufacturing technique used by some mono manufacturers like Ande. They extruded a fluorocarbon line with a tough fluorocarbon formula on the outside and soft fluoro on the inside. Now we were in business, but that evolution took 15 years of product development and experimentation with a number of lost lures due to mystery break offs on the early versions of light fluorocarbon lines. As far as braids: I have not seen braid color make much difference so long as you use a 10' leader. For directly tying to braid for things like slop fishing you might want to use a grey stealth color since you can see your lure, but for applications like ultra light jigging, light shaky head jigs, and split shotting small plastic worms and creatures you might want a more visible braid like bright green, or yellow. In low light or cloudy conditions the stealth colored braid are hard to see on the surface and you have to rely on feel.
  8. Exactly, you just gave it some context and said it better.
  9. And that folks is just what the Dims wanted and worse.
  10. We're here from the government and we're here to help. God save us all.
  11. The Judge did his best to cover up the illegal activities of the Obama Administration and Team Mueller by railroading Flynn and failed spectacularly. It would seem like the phony Flynn case with its selective manufactured evidence, prosecutorial misconduct by team Mueller, and the wingnut leftist Judge's futile attempt to slam a lid on it, will be one of the things that is going to unravel this entire scandal. The Leftists in the Justice Department convinced Sessions he had to recuse himself with a misinterpretation of the law so Trump would find no help there, and they railroaded Flynn the one person that might have helped protect him from the Leftist in the Intel Community. The Leftists then proceeded to leak, smear and savage the fledgling Trump administration in an effort to take it down with the MSM cheering them on. These folks deserve far worse than what they are probably going to get.
  12. True, but some find those facts hard to comprehend when those facts conflict with their ideology. Team Genius = Team Crooked
  13. It looks like Brian's Mueller Dream Team were a bunch of crooks. Why are we not surprised. They were all lying cheating Dims after all.
  14. Barr has appointed another attorney to specifically look at the illegal unmasking and spying by the Obummer Administration. Joe Biden, Joe Biden's aide, and a large number of other Obama appointees were all involved in this mass illegal unmaking in the final days of the Administration. It was also revealed that Mueller knew there was no Russian Collusion or obstruction, told the President's chief council as much and then proceeded to lied to the President's chief Council attempting to defraud the President and his council with his lies, tactics, various illegal traps, and failed. Bass and Justice Department and will be looking into that as well. The Supposed paragon of virtue Muller was a crook. Now we know where his protege Comey learned his tricks.