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  1. When it comes to obstruction the Mueller report postulated a theory of crime that was looking of a crime that never happened. That is its fatal flaw and why he weaseled out without making a recommendation. Now we need to know how the Obama Administration started an investigation and spied on the opposition party without a whiff of real evidence.
  2. Considering the unprecedented government scrutiny Trump and he associate received before, during, and after the election make the report' s results are amazing. Very few if any Democrats could survive that level of scrutiny.
  3. What are they trying to hide? Trump asserted no executive privilege redactions on the report and complied with all the requests of the Special Council. Further, there is no obstruction because there was not a crime to obstruct and no Americans colluded with the Russians. The redactions in the public report are: sources and methods, Grand Jury testimony, and information pertinent to ongoing prosecutions. The full unredacted report will be made available to select members of the Senate and Congress. Barr is releasing the full report even though he is not required to release any of it. Is that clear enough?
  4. It is the Dems that are trying to discredit the report before it is even released. It is the Democrats that are worried and confused. They were all for it until they were against it. Typical Liberal duplicity.
  5. The report summary and press conference are SOP. The Chief Executive getting the info two weeks or more after the investigation has been completed is also SOP. What, the American Public has no right to know how the investigation was conducted. The Dems are blowing smoke and the folks know it.
  6. Nothing other than to shoot the bearer of bad news. The Democrat and MSM's attacks on Barr for following SOP is desperate and sad. They ignore the fact that Mueller and Rosenstein have helped and collaborated on every step process. If they expect Mueller to reveal the redacted information and break the law they will have to wait forever.
  7. More like $590, and I had my BC BS 80/20 plan for 25 years so it was comparatively low. If I had to get a new plan during the Obama-nation it would have been more like what you and your wife are paying. The one nice thing with A,B, F is I have almost not deductible, but Medicare makes no sense in that they don't pay for some pre-op tests and diagnostics you need for treatment. Most Medicare drug plans are like catastrophic insurance and pay for very little in most cases.
  8. I had a BC BS plan for 25 years, and now Medicare Part A , B, and Advantage and I do my taxes so I know exactly how much I paid for both. Many of my friends are retired and some in the insurance business so I know exactly what the prices are for various plans including for Obummer Care because I shopped them for a year. I have only been on Medicare A, B, and Advantage for a year so not yester year. Are you on Medicare and,or in the Insurance Biz. You are blowing smoke.
  9. You think, I pay as much or more for part B and Advantage as I did before for my own personal plan. You really don't know do you.
  10. No Medicare Advantage with Bernie Care. I have not heard about Part B that you also pay for. Medicare is crap without them.
  11. Bernie only wants about 20K more in taxes from middle class families to give you free healthcare. Wow, what a deal. I am sure the government will do a great job once they have totally wrecked the healthcare industry.
  12. Can't have any evidence of obstruction when it is a counter intel investigation where they are supposed to be advising and protecting the President. That is the purpose of counter intel investigation. The fact that the FBI did not advise the President speaks to their corruption. If it was a criminal matter it would be different, but Mueller got nada. No crime no obstruction. With Collusion the report's conclusion that No Americans were involved speaks for itself.
  13. Prominent Democrat Candidates like Booker are complaining that their sanctuary cities support services are already over taxed. I guess they just want the illegal immigrants migrations to be someone else's problem. Preferably the red states. We want them, just don't send them here.
  14. The Democrats held Mueller in such high esteem and demanded that he be untouchable and now he has come up with nada. With 13 Democrats hatchet lawyers he must have known early on that the had no evidence of collusion and the entire investigation was based on a false premise so what was Mueller doing for 22 months. I guess he did not have any obstruction evidence either and was hoping to get Trump with a perjury trap, but that did not work either. So what is the last refuge of the Democrat scoundrels. Who knows: the Democrat Leadership seems to want to walk away now the report is near and their underlings and the ethically and evidence bereft still want to impeach him. The inmates seem to be running the asylum in the Democrat Party. As per usual there seems to be no plan. I did find it interesting that both Schiff and Nunez want to see the entire report. One has to wonder if Nunez is looking for the smoking gun needed to justify a new special prosecutor for the Obama Administration's weaponization of the Intel and Justice departments
  15. My old Sear compressor finally gave up the ghost so I got a Jaco Portable compressor for about $70 bucks and it is working fine. It is light, you can preset how much PSI you want, and it can use AC or DC 12 volt. It is not a heavy duty unit, but it is handy and portable. My one tip is to set the PSI about 1 or 2 pounds of pressure higher because you lose some air when you remove the brass screw on adapter. If you do a lot of tires, have a big truck, or tractor tires you will probably want a heavier duty unit, but for my SUV, trailers, and garden tractor this unit works well. The Jaco is still relatively new, so time will tell. My old sears was a heavy duty unit.