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  1. I think it is hilarious that they Democrats have now turned their fake charges of racisim on each other. It is a unthinking intellectually bereft circular firing squad. Democrat failures pointing their fingers at other Democrat failures.
  2. The real problem is not Acosta. It is Epstein, his perversions and insidious spidery connections throughout the entire elite establishment in DC and elsewhere. His connections and influence was so pervasive and extensive that if all of it is revealed it has the potential to do what Trump has tried and failed to do: Drain the Swamp. This is the reason for the deflections and attempts to assign blame to folks like Acosta, What goes on it the elitist club is supposed to stay in the club and Acosta dared to shine some light on it even though it was not enough. If the true corruption and depravity of the elites and the swamp is revealed, the voters would justifiably disgusted and repulsed enough to throw the bums out; like the French Revolution where the ruling elites were so depraved and duplicitous the people happily cut off their heads. While the French Revolution is an extreme example it was done for the same reason. While the Democrats have many of the of the most recognizable big wig connections with Epstein it is a ruling elitist corruption and depravity problem, not simply a Democrat/Republican problem.. Making it so is another smoke screen.
  3. Well, Huge I guess I failed to make my point. Somehow laughing off or dismissing all the other instances of child predation in this thread because Pizza Gate was fake seemed that way to me.
  4. Huge, Likewise, however that is not what I am saying. What I am trying to say is our lefties seem to feel that all the other sex crimes, individual and miscreant behavior outlined on this thread should be ignored or dismissed because one story labeled as Pizza Gate was fake. Often labeled as the exception rule. If it happened once it applies to all the other situations. I could not care less about fake Pizza Gate one way or the other.
  5. Quote From Squidly : (C) Nobody is saying it’s all Trump’s fault, not Epstein’s. That is exactly what the Left and the MSM is doing. They are going after Acosta and blaming Trump for hiring him to shift attention away From Epstein and his Liberal associates. Typical Lefty head fake and deflection. The fact that they are all about Acosta and barely mentioning Epstein's crimes, connections, and the folks he associated with says it all. Some on this site are even trying to associate Trump directly with Epstein even though he cut all contact with Epstein and banned him from his club. Selective outrage.
  6. Too bad she was not around while Slick Willie was in the White House. Kamala would have been his favorite humidor.
  7. Maybe he had a private server in his bathroom.
  8. Yep, Steele's Russian source testified that he might have embellished the story and put his own spin on it. Who would have thunk it.
  9. Yep, They hate it when any of their exceptionally dirty laundry, or duplicity is exposed.
  10. This response would seem to indicate the lack of any humanity.
  11. So easy when you understand Lefty selective moral outrage.
  12. Yep, the Dems had to trash Newt, so Clinton could claim his successes and have a legacy after being disgraced for his sexual compulsions and the fact he perjured himself trying to cover it up. The MSM has buried the fact that the Democrats lost the Congress due to their corruption and ushered in Newt and Republican's Contract with America that spawned the successes that Willie claimed for himself. As far as the MSM and the Democrats are concerned none of those things happened. It was all about what the meaning of what is is; ie Slick Willie's skillful lying, blow jobs from a young intern that were not sex and nobody's business, and the fallacy that Bill did it all by himself. You would think that would be impossible to make this stuff up, but that is exactly what they did. Any shred of the truth in journalism died in that era.
  13. The two tier justice system for the liberal elites has existed for a long time. The fact that Acosta actually prosecuted Epstein does not matter one bit to the duplicitous left and very few of the them seem to care about the 100 or so plaintiffs. Trump hired him ten years later, so it is all Trump's fault: not the Epstein's, the folks that participated in his pedophile parties, or the Democrats that let him slide. Anything and everything to shift the blame and smear someone else. Truly sad and depraved. Where was the Left's outrage ten years ago. Why did Slick Willie's 20 plus trips on the pedophile express rarely if ever get mentioned by the MSN. I think we all know why: The left's selective outrage and political expedience.
  14. So everything these miscreants did is just fine with you lefties so long as it is not Pizza Gate. Got it.
  15. So you really have no idea and are just pontificating BS.