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    I am a striped bass diehard and love it
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    Handing out with my one year old and also fishing
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    Union carpenter (124)
  1. I have both reel and I notice no difference in the reels at all when I cast
  2. Grs for me but it all comes down to confidence. I have buddy's who love Big rock I personally don't use them
  3. No need to I catch and release anyway
  4. I have a used ZB 27 bl/silver double roller. I'm looking to trade for a first gen ZB
  5. Albies on the fly from the surf 100% insane . When I use too fly fish I would stop my life for about a month to find catch them
  6. There are some great spots too fish you just need to walk alittle.
  7. I was a legend surf guy but I tired out my new Odm surf rod and it blows the legend away
  8. Albies on the fly from shore hands down the best fishing on east coast
  9. I hope to believe that it would but
  10. This is why we need a fishing license. We will have more pull because we are putting money into the system. Right now we are not contributing nada so we don't matter.
  11. There is no comparison legend is a much better rod
  12. Its really not that hard. For the most part you are sewing in a straight line. When I was in college I had to make a mens suit jacket. That was a project but it taught me alot about how too sew by hand how too work the fabric. Good luck on your bag
  13. Is the x series reel if so i went too my local shop yesterday to look at one and this reel felt the same way
  14. Just remember you get what you pay for.