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  1. I have 4 Okuma Makaira 130SEa in gunmetal finish all spooled with 130lb momoi diamond hollow core gen 3 9/10 cosmetically and 10/10 mechanically. Reel covers and boxes included. 950$ each plus PayPal fees shipped or picked up in FL 772-473-0675 Mickey
  2. Steve the rods in Florida. I won't be able to ship it until Monday. Unless you meant you were going to pick it up down here. Haha. Btw Jeff you gotta get down here to snook fish. You might forget about the multiple striped fish to focus on the single liners.
  3. Sorry about not getting back to you. Had to catch a dozen nice snook on bucktails tonight at the inlet. . Castmaster said it right. I found myself fishing this rod 75% of the time even when the fish were on top.
  4. The lightest thing I've thrown with it is a Daiwa sp minnow and it throws it really well. A 2 ounce bucktail would be just fine on it.
  5. It's 24 inches from butt to the center of the reel seat. I'd say no more than 20 bucks to be safe but probably around 15. And it has 7 guides plus tip
  6. any reel you want.. lol as long as you use braid. I used a stella 8000sw pg on it but if you really wanted to you could flip it over and throw a conventional on it and it would do just fine. What reel were you planning on using?
  7. I'll post pictures tonight and measure it. I need to have it up there anyways if I'm going to sell it. Doesn't do me any good down here.
  8. No unfortunately the rod is located in Florida. I can have it shipped to one of my friends up there and they can help you out on the test casting. But that wouldn't happen until next weekend
  9. bringing this thread out of the grave.. bump for new price $300 shipped
  10. It's spinning. PJ - 1008. 3-6 ounce but I think you could throw 8 ounces with it if you were crazy enough. Mike Bloch built it. Snookman267. I'll post pictures tonight. I'm not around the rod or else I would now. As with any cts blank they come with a transferable lifetime warranty. Not a lamiglass warranty either.
  11. I have a custom wrapped CTS 10 foot spinning rod rated 3-6 ounces. It has fuji K frame Gun metal stainless frames and Sic insert. It's a great alternative to a rainshadow 1209 at a fraction of the weight. The rod is ideal for heavy shads and other rubber. Rod is a 2 piece split 50/50. I'll post pictures later tonight asking $340 picked up south eastern mass area by Sunday. If not Sunday then I'll have to ship it because I'll be in Florida.