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  1. saw one write a ticket yesterday in the morning on the way out, got checked by a different on the way back. tons of them lately.
  2. striped
  3. I would be in for a hoodie, long sleeve and short sleeve
  4. Stienstras article was called "ways of the great white" Nov 1987. if you google it the article comes up.
  5. Didn't they use a like a 20lb ray or something like that i think I heard about that.
  6. so I should start airing my grievances tomorrow? where will the feats of strength be held?
  7. so far this year i have managed 18 keepers in three trips off the beach. I will say there must be thousands of crab around about 1/8 inch short. one day we must have had about forty shorts a piece.
  8. fished out of hmb yesterday for limits of cod, two butts to 22 pounds and I lost a bomber wsb at the boat. action was slow all morning down south and on the the ride back we made our "last" drift about a mile from the harbor which turned into about ten drifts until we ran out of bait. everything was stuffed with squid. everybody else at the ramp had tuna, tuna, and more tuna.
  9. I dig the queen of hearts plus if your in san mateo your a stones throw from the bay. If you did bring a rod oand got some squid you could pretty much catch mud marlin or leopard sharks till your hearts content at pretty much any free moment you have. Easy and fun.
  10. does it have spark? what have ya tried?
  11. wait until they get the mileage tax up and running, funny where does the epic amount of money that gets paid on gas taxes go?
  12. unfortunately mark I do not hate success and wealth. I live on five acres in WOODSIDE CALIFORNIA in a "4500" square foot house. All of my neighbors have money and so does my family. Just because he has "money" does not mean he's a jerk off. the fact he comes in hiding uder the blanket of an LLC, closes off one of the publics resources, thinks he can do whatever he wants because he has money, is what makes him a jerk off. Everyone needs to follow the same rules but there is always someone trying to see how far they can get. My neighbor had a bunch of heritage trees cut down to put his tennis court in. The city fined him up the ying yang. He just wrote them a check. When he put his B Ball court in he did the same thing, cut now, cut a check later.
  13. Where I live off skyline we have a 1/3 mile dirt road that we own and we must maintain. we are not allowed to close it off due to the SAME reason why he is NOT ALLOWED to close it off, previous public use.. I don't have any sympathy for the billionaire jerk off. If I have to hear a yamaha 250 rip by at 11:30 at night he should have to deal with a few surfers and some smelt runs. The one thing I'll tell you is the longer they wait to cut that lock off and kick the gate open the harder it will be to ever get it back. At one time I thought the coastal commission had some pull apparently not.
  14. There was the trespass, there was f and g charges, destruction of property, and i believe he had some sherriffs work program. I'll ask him the next time I see him what exactly they were.