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  1. To me it seams as though the cupped rotor is stronger than the new design. Will one cast further than the other?
  2. I just bought a VSX200 a week ago, wondering if I should have waited.
  3. translucent? I've never seen a sp like that. Did you scrape the finish off to get it like that? look foward to your reply
  4. Bobber fishing at best. Lots of fish though. 2 risers on a full day float. most fish around 15". Beautiful area. would I go again, YES!
  5. Just read the article, a nice read. I have a lot of learning to do. Thanks
  6. Great , I'll look at the article tonight
  7. So what I'm thinking is I'll head over to the bay and try to figure it out. I have a bunch of other brands and see what they do. At least i can see in the calm water how each one reacts. The Needle in question has a single siwash with a little bucktail on the back and a 3/0 treble up front
  8. Vest Sold. Please close thread
  9. PayPal friend and my email address is
  10. Ok ,thanks for all the responses. But how would you fish my lure or what would you do to modify it so it sinks level
  11. So yes they must be tail weighted, and they cast a mile
  12. When I reel either slow or fast the nose is up. At rest the nose is still up. It looks like a really well made plug. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.
  13. So maybe I'll wrap some lead tape on the front to level it out
  14. I'm certain they are needles
  15. I recently bought a couple of these lure's (Keystone needles) and after fishing them I noticed that it rides with a angle ,nose up. are needles supposed to do this or should they ride level. it didn't matter if I reeled fast or slow. thanks