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  1. good morning pigskin, i saw the receipt on the pm message says, expected delivery date was thursday (last week) but still haven't got it yet. just checking to see if you had a tracking # ........ thankz again, ray
  2. good morning, if you change your mind on selling the sufix by itself please shoot me a price ........... thankz, ray
  3. money has been sent via PayPal amigo .... thankz again, ray
  4. yes sir, I'll take it .... thankz again, ray
  5. no problem brotha, my offer stands thru this saturday ........ thankz again, ray
  6. $110. for the benchmade mini ?? ..... please let know. thankz, ray
  7. alil-late but ... !! HAPPY THANKSGIVING !! to all the guyz & galz on this awesome fishing forum !! when u coming to houston quan808 ??
  8. ok, money has been sent via PayPal amigo .... thankz again, ray
  9. thankz again brotha ... i will wait until i hear from you.
  10. .... gonna need soon, please let me know what u wanna do after all brotha
  11. i can offer $150. shipped for the this set-up, let me know ....... thankz, ray
  12. how much do the smirks weigh ? thankz, ray
  13. payment sent via paypal ..... thankz again, ray
  14. if doso passes , "i will take it for $165. shipped" ......... thankz, ray