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  1. Caught a handful of my first smelt today. Slow day but had a lot of fun and good reason to get outside other than clamming. Do you guys find them all winter in the salt or do they all end up in the freshwater eventually. Thanks!
  2. I love titos. Clean vodka and made in the U.S. (Austin, tx) reasonably priced too
  3. sorry for the delay, plug is yours! pm coming
  4. Last bump for lefty
  5. lefty still available
  6. You got it
  7. You got it. Pm coming
  8. Lefty: $105 Skippy Foil: $125 Skippy Needle: $125 all prices I paid here for these. please add $5 for shipping. Prefer paypal. thanks!
  9. Thread closed thanks guys
  10. Yep PayPal works.. Pm coming thanks fv solitude!
  11. Two skips.. the chartruese is $95; striper $120. Striper is goldlipped. Prices were what I paid here.. Just add $5 for shipping. thanks!
  12. From the album skippy

  13. I have a couple of those older guy and a jersey killer already. Mostly looking for more hand carves/ foils
  14. Nice one! Not really what I'm looking for but thanks for posting!
  15. Hadn't planned on trading these but I'd consider a rarer skippy. Thanks!