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  1. I understand folks are customizing their reels with differently colored reel feet and drag knobs, and I'm hoping someone has a black Everglades reel foot available they no longer need and will sell to me. Thanks!
  2. JimmyBean, thanks for grabbing this and saving me from buying it! I was about to give in to temptation...whew!
  3. Jim, you need to pick this up.
  4. Any examples of what you hope to find? Some WTB folks are specific to brands and certain other aspects...
  5. Examples of what you are hoping to find? Budget?
  6. Theses are tremendous values at retail, this is a crazy good deal!
  7. But is that a 10' or a 14' rod, or something in between?
  8. I have several reel on rod cases already so don't really need it; let's assume you wouldn't ship it, and it can be donated to someone local. That should make the package more compact and easier to ship.
  9. I dinged up my black original porting Everglades reel stand/reel foot enough where I need to replace it. Hoping someone out there has customized their Everglades with a differently colored reel stand and may have a black reel stand that needs rehomed (as in rehomed to my home). Thanks for looking! Richard Seattle, WA
  10. Yep, you nailed it. Easy reel to reverse retrieve. This is a crazy good deal on this reel...think about what it costs just for a spool for a machined reel.
  11. What color is your reel and spool? Will you ship to Seattle, WA 98177? Thank you!
  12. You might want to note which size you want...
  13. I'll be your backup buyer, if needed.
  14. A budget range would be super helpful and/or perhaps examples of rod models. You might get a better response with that info.