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  1. general baitfish pattern.
  2. guzz


    gotta love their temperment.
  3. in the warmer months,smallmouth in the susquehanna.seen it lots of times.and largemouths in lakes that have aelwifes,or other open water baitfish. guzz
  4. wading.i have a boat,but for whatever reason,mostly find myself wading.the lures are home maders.the yellow one is a chug bug knockoff,the other two are bottle plugs.same thing as the ones used in the surf,just scaled down to freshwater size.they work nicely on smallies,and walleye in fast water like tail races,and spillways. guzz
  5. not sure if the pics showed up(been awhile) but one pic is of a musky that took a jigman swimmer.the other is a pic of a jigman swimmer buried in my knuckle after said musky flipped out apon hook removal.got to love their temperment. anyway,all the muskies i have caught have come out of rivers.mostly the susquehanna,but a couple out of the schuylkill.they seem to like slack water areas,and a especially good spot is at the mouth of feeder streams.most of the time i throw topwater stuff.if i get a follow that won't commit,or a missed blow up,i'll follow it up with a swimmer.works pretty well.i don't know squat about where to find them in lakes,but they are pretty easy to find in rivers.can't always get them to hit,but once you know the type of areas to look for,you can almost bet your putting plugs over their heads.definitely a cool fish. guzz
  6. i know it's not what you were looking for,but i believe rob gave you about the best info.the locating,and catching part surely isn't rocket science,but understanding ice conditons is very important.venturing out on thin ,weak,or decaying ice could definitely ruin your day. guzz
  7. that doesn't sound to good.what ever it was,i didn't do it. haven't been out as much as i would have liked,but still fishing non the less.all sweetwater stuff.mostly trout and walleye at the moment.eagerly awaiting the hardwater season to get underway.flasher and auger are cleaned up,charged up,and ready to roll. guzz
  8. guess i'm in the right place then guzz
  9. Lab,thought you chased those fall stealies and browns.i would have figured you would still be in fishing mode. guzz
  10. may the good lord welcome you into his heavenly kingdom,and give strength and comfort to your family until you meet again. guzz
  11. love the paint on the top swimmer.that color scheme should produce in just about any water.nice general bait fish pattern.and you know i have a soft spot for topwater stuff don't forget to take the digital along on the trip! guzz
  12. always a sucker for new topwater stuff.very nice. guzz
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