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  1. Then I’ll rape you !
  2. Taste delicious.
  3. Eggzactly!
  4. Fun fishing yesterday with my son. Seabass and Ling.
  5. I hope he forgets his whistle when he comes down for the roomers trip
  6. Can i rape you?
  7. Ok I’m heading out to the parade now, can’t wait to see Ricky.
  8. ^^^^^saids the guy who have rican cousins.
  9. Miss ya boys......too busy stealing rims.
  10. What up crackers?
  11. Dark meat .
  12. Work, been going there the past two weeks. Pats and genos are horrible after trying Max’s today. Lots of csteven and sheisty peeps around but a good eating place. No pun intended.