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  1. This thread sucks, please closed it down
  2. He doesn’t like raider
  3. Blues hit the front this morning, wild seen
  4. Looks like I’m not showing for my own charter, so much going on now.
  5. Can’t wait for your daily forecast
  6. I just notice it has a split grip on the rear. Don’t like them, but thanks for the info
  7. Once you go black, there’s no turning slut!
  8. It’s a sign of having no friends
  9. Better then driving a miata like raider.
  10. Who build the mhx?
  11. I’ll be knocking soon pendejo!
  12. I went that way, but i don’t waste my time preaching to dumb azzes
  13. I heard you limit out today. Congrats and it was nice of you to join the crew for coffee
  14. And he still blesses your ppl, i don’t get it.