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  1. That’s what i need this weekend for my tomatoes plants, hope i can find them.
  2. ^^^^^^knows his lures!
  3. Someone take this !!!!!!
  4. I’ll take it
  5. I have a bg 3500 i can let go for $75 comes with box and braid, can’t beat that!
  6. Where are you located?
  7. DaI have a Daiwa bg 4000 spinner New, used it like 5x. $100 shipped. comes with box.
  8. It’s a effing gringo holiday , who cares!
  9. I’ll throw that lure to the protestors too.
  10. I’m gonna wait for the vr75,.
  11. I would of been there but i spend so much money on plugs the day before
  12. Are you talking. About the 75?
  13. Are the wonder breads rm?
  14. Any trades?