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  1. ^^^^saids the guy who wears a rainbow bracelet around his ankle. Blanco ******
  2. I’m trying to find Sheisty.
  3. Those are fuji k guides, regular polish finish. But i heard this rod is their top of the line rod.
  4. $155 ship for the sx silver?
  5. Can’t seem to find him.
  6. I need a cts blank , where you get yours?
  7. I’ll take this one. pp info please
  8. Do you have a 5k for sale?
  9. Is the reel Jdm, Also The ratio?
  10. I’ll pass decided to go to a bigger size
  11. Send me pp info, if we can meet today it will be great.
  12. Don’t forget tomorrow is the goya covid fling in sandy hook, no mask needed!
  13. Start by cutting your effing grass instead of hiring us, thanks!