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  1. If the wind was blowing from the NW to the NE the fishing was good. BUT it wouldn’t stay consistent. The first week of the derby was pretty good fishing. I was averaging 10+ albies a morning from shore. Then Dorian hit and the winds shifted to the SW for a week and blew all the bait off the north shore and fishing turned to ****. The third week we had a solid tide on Chappy for funny fish and of the 4 days with the best tides it blew N or NE for the first and third and then S or SW for the other 2. Well the days it blew from the N there were a bunch of fish around. The days in between fish were very hard to come by. If you look at Bonito and Albie Saturday the winds blew from the S both days and only 1 shore fish was weighed in total, in those categories, for both days
  2. Man those guys with the drum got lucky
  3. Fished all 5 weeks, as usual. It was a bad year. When the wind blew from Any direction from the N it was good for bones and albies. Unfortunately it blew the opposite most days. Sucked
  4. Bass: C tons of small fish larger was rare Blues: B had a quick gator run but was into them solid for 2 months Albies:F- they came in early but were hard to get from shore and I don’t count boat fish I these ratings. Bonto: C a **** ton of micro bonito around, as many as you wanted to catch, but at that size they fight the same as a rat bluefish so what fun is that??
  5. Nope. Some nice fish caught but numbers were WAY down. I didn’t break 100 shore Albies, was about 20 short, this year and that’s my benchmark for a decent season. Only fish that were around in larger numbers were the tiny 20” bonito. I mean when a sub 4lb bluefish takes the weekly prize from shore you know it’s a bad year. The most telling stats were from the super Saturday’s. Two of the 4 super Saturdays, bluefish and bonito, not a single shore fish was weighed in for the prize. Albie Saturday only one weighable fish was weighed in from shore, a short was also weighed in but those don’t count. So only bass Saturday did the derby pay out all 3 prizes for the shore category. That’s crazy!!
  6. Derby is always a great time spent with great people and I enjoy meeting and talking to new people every year but this year the fishing was awful, the worst Ive ever seen. Numbers show it. Oh well always next year
  7. PM sent Just a bit suspect considering also he's a novice flyfisherman and his story changed greatly depending on who he was talking to as well
  8. Thats incorrect, Derby disqualified it. Angler is very upset about it
  9. They’ve been in for a while now offshore. Got into them before July 4th. Hell over here there were even 2 caught back in June from shore but the good action has been the last couple weeks. Got a few from shore the last couple days but the action is sporadic
  10. I like it when the end of the incoming coincides with just around sundown or just after. When the tide slows just a bit so the bait stays out front easier. I rarely use any weight and just drift chunks and it works well. But again that’s here on MV
  11. Try a 7" Hogy rubber bait in BubbleGum or Amber with a 1/4-3/8oz weighted swim hook. I get weird looks from other guys when I switch to this until I start hooking up 2-3 for every 1 they are getting. Sometimes it really works
  12. Even here its very much tide dependent but when the tide is good you can get 1-10 a night and its fun but exhausting. The last one I caught, few nights back, was HUGE and took almost 30 minutes to get in and bent my 12/0 circle hook in the process. . . . . guess I had the drag a bit tight haha
  13. If you want to use a teaser its probably a good idea to take the hooks off whatever you're throwing it with, a double hookup usually results in both fish lost and probably the $10 lure too lol. In situations where they are on small small bait and I want to use a fly or a zoom fluke I use a casting egg to get it out there.
  14. Yeah in those situations I use a Aubut 8’10” rod with a 5k Gosa. Can really launch them a mile and fight the fish very well. For lighter tackle situations I use a 7’2” Aubut with a 4K twin power and that’s by far my favorite Albie setup ever, and I must have 10 complete combos for them lol.
  15. Im annoyed Shimano stopped making them in white as that was my go to color. Thankfully I knew in advance and stocked up but who knows how long those will last?