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  1. Should have been here a month ago. Tons of gator blues off wasque. 15-30 fish a day. 9-12lbs
  2. Sadly that bluefish bite was non existent last night and the sharks never showed either
  3. Not at that time but I have since and will on the others I’m getting. It’s a nice quality single hook, he upgraded to a larger size for the ones he sent to my local shop as the first were tiny.
  4. Finally got out and targeted them on July 3rd. We boated a few between my buddy and I. Most were in the 6lb class where one was a solid 8 and another was mackerel sized. Only one small one amongst all we caught. Pretty early. Hope they show close to shore like they used to 20 years ago
  5. FYI Riddler I haven’t smacked them off a rock yet but they do swim well and had a bone eat one so I’m sure the Albies won’t object
  6. It is. I replace them when I buy, of course I replace the hooks on the Hogy epoxy jigs too right away. 6x all the way
  7. Lots of small bass around this year. The bluefish were mostly concentrated on the east side of the island and were all over the place for the month of June. Seems to have died off as of late. Waiting for the brown sharks to come in that will be nice. Caught a few bones off a boat on July 3rd so that was a real treat too
  8. Wasn't caught, was lost boat side. Total fluke, one small school got lost somewhere. Heard about the nantucket one also
  9. Right? Wayy too crowded with stuff. Would be a nightmare to fish off of
  10. The large is 36” and the medium is only 24”. Not big enough unfortunately
  11. Looking to mount a fish bag on the bow of my 2019 Outback. I have the large Reliable bag, looks exactly the same as the Hobie bag. I know some people on here have similar setups. Anybody care to share how they mounted these bags? I figure I’ll have to add a couple extra pad eyes but still working out everything else. Thanks in advance. And yes I need the bag, no I won’t put fish over the side on a stringer. Not with all the sharks up here now
  12. Any recommendations for guides etc?
  13. What area? Miami/ keys?
  14. Location is wherever the fish are. I work for an airline so flights are free. Lol. Want to charter a guide for 2-3 days
  15. Looking to take a last minute trip down to Florida end of the month beginning of next. Would love to fish for some larger species like Tarpon or Goliath Groupers but have absolutely no clue what the hot action will be and where of even if either of those species are around then. What do you guys who fish down there think? Thanks for any advice