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  1. I don’t care who is tearing up the bottom there or where they are from
  2. Seems like this along with not saturating the materials fully were the culprit. Adding a little resin to saturate the material, setting it, then adding the finishing coat and “shaking” the light at first makes for a more uniform bubble free fly. Thanks for all the help. Never had this issue with bug bond but the solarez light is so much more powerful I think that also had something to do with it also. Just a learning curve
  3. Let me give that a shot. Just seems so weird. thanks
  4. Nice, which town are you staying? Will you have a vehicle?
  5. Definitely fish around by then. Bass definitely and often blues although last year they didnt really come in thick until june.
  6. 100%!! I am all for protecting rights but this area has become a sh!% show of boats in the summer anchoring up, partying on the private beach, tearing the crap out of the bottom. On a nice summer day there will be 50+ boats anchored up over there at any given time. Wade out there and there is no eel grass anymore because of this, completely destroyed. This restriction was needed and I for one am glad it will be in effect
  7. Wondering if anyone has any insight as to what I am doing wrong. I have been using Solarez resin, medium viscosity if that makes any difference, to make some surf candy style flies and on several occasions when I use the UV light to cure it a large bubble forms. Not sure what is causing this and I haven't been able to find any answers from searching the interwebz. There are no bubbles in the resin after applying and evening it out but when I turn the light on one or two larger bubbles form under the surface and in order to remove i basically have to use a razor to open up and inject more resin and then apply a top coat to smooth things out again. Am I using too much resin? Is this a issue with Solarez? Too much light too fast? Thanks for any help
  8. 2020 was a tough year for me on just about every level but fishing. At least that was good for the most part this year. My 3 favorites from this year
  9. Id look for a used Outback or something. My buddy picked up a barely used 2016 last year for 2k so they are out there
  10. Boat or shore? I’ve slayed hundreds of albies in the afternoon from boat. Shore fishing 99% of the time the morning bite is the best but there have been days when I’ll pull a dozen or so during an afternoon tide. Usually it’s maybe 2-3
  11. Hooked one last year livelining a bluefish for brown sharks. Instantly could tell it wasn't a shark or ray but something different. "Fought" it for 20 minutes before I saw its head come on the surface with my line aimed right at it. Had my drag locked and it was still pulling line no problem. Pointed the rod and grabbed the spool and pulled straight back. Somehow the hook straightened a bit and pulled free so I luckily got everything back and the seal had nothing trailing. Reel took the abuse no problem in fact same reel fought a huge Roughtail Ray 2 nights ago for close to 30 minutes at max drag.....some serious sea monsters out there...... VM275 with 80lb braid I use exclusively for sharkin
  12. If the wind was blowing from the NW to the NE the fishing was good. BUT it wouldn’t stay consistent. The first week of the derby was pretty good fishing. I was averaging 10+ albies a morning from shore. Then Dorian hit and the winds shifted to the SW for a week and blew all the bait off the north shore and fishing turned to ****. The third week we had a solid tide on Chappy for funny fish and of the 4 days with the best tides it blew N or NE for the first and third and then S or SW for the other 2. Well the days it blew from the N there were a bunch of fish around. The days in between fish were very hard to come by. If you look at Bonito and Albie Saturday the winds blew from the S both days and only 1 shore fish was weighed in total, in those categories, for both days
  13. Man those guys with the drum got lucky
  14. Fished all 5 weeks, as usual. It was a bad year. When the wind blew from Any direction from the N it was good for bones and albies. Unfortunately it blew the opposite most days. Sucked
  15. Bass: C tons of small fish larger was rare Blues: B had a quick gator run but was into them solid for 2 months Albies:F- they came in early but were hard to get from shore and I don’t count boat fish I these ratings. Bonto: C a **** ton of micro bonito around, as many as you wanted to catch, but at that size they fight the same as a rat bluefish so what fun is that??