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  1. Are you still in Rhode Island 

    1. landwave


      Won't be back until December. You'll have to come down here to visit. Looks like you guys had a great trip from the pics I see

    2. Ray Yee

      Ray Yee

      Kinda slow hopefully things pick up this week ratz are ok we got bigger blues and bass last night at quonny 

  2. That would be great Steve. I passed your lathe along to someone that will use it. Thank you
  3. We made it! Unfortunately my fishing gear won't be here for another 6 weeks.
  4. Ding ding we have a winner! I knew you would be the one to get the reference
  5. Anyone that is down that way, except Dingus, should look me up.
  6. I'll be at the Rathskeller tonight after 6, c'mon down
  7. Its been awhile since I've been a regular here, I still lurk from time to time. I've had the chance to meet, drink with, and sometimes fish with quite a few of you over the years, and I will sure miss some of you! My family and I are moving to St. Kitts next week for at least the next 5 years. My wife took a job down there and how could you not go. Unfortunately I wont be able to work so I'll have to spend my days shopping, fishing, cooking, fishing, cleaning(fish), and taking care of the family. Rough job, but someone has to do it. There is a Charlestown down there, so for those of you that still call for surf and fish reports, be very specific. I will leave you all in the style of Aquaholic and only send pics of warm water fishing in February. Peace
  8. Are we going to need the snowblowers again?
  9. Something's never change! 6 pages and we finally have a date. Hopefully I can stop in
  10. Ttt
  11. I've been lurking. Busy as hell this year. It's about time to hit the surf. Let me know when you are around
  12. Yup, you're the only one dingus
  13. I've been told that quohogs are drying up in the bay. They like dirty water. Oysters are moving in. They like clean water. Maybe we should let a little more poop out!