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  1. I’ll take them
  2. I have a extra zx20 spool if that helps?
  3. I will take these
  4. I’ll take 2 and 4 please
  5. I have a black vsx100 like new. If your is in similar condition I will trade.
  6. Sounds good, thank you
  7. Offer 280 shipped for the bottom 2, thank you
  8. I’ll take these
  9. I’ll take it
  10. Lou, I wanted to send you this nice plug at no charge sir. A couple months ago you sold me a few Loki’s which I was having a tough time finding and I really appreciate it. I would like to give this to you so you catch a 50 pounder on it.
  11. I’ll take the red SS.
  12. Wood body is 7 1/2” this is the Sr slopehead Conrad.
  13. Hi Lou, saw your WTB and was wondering if you liked this large slope head Conrad. It’s new, a Danny Pichney. I know it’s not the exact Sr. Conrad your asking for but I thought it maybe could help? Let me know.
  14. Nice pickup avet4life, with your knowledge of the VS reels I bet you can solve the problem. I bet for a few more bucks it will be running good again. Cool Gold VS USA250!