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  1. Color I thought is “Iron Mike Blue”
  2. I will take it, 35. Thank you
  3. Offer 40 shipped
  4. Yellow grs
  5. Maybe he just got a little sidetracked.... He has been a member and good SOL’er for 10 years, give him a little slack I’m sure you’ll get your stuff and all will be fine. Best of luck to everyone
  6. Is the weasel troller size?
  7. Thread Closed, thank you.
  8. The blue mackerel is yours.  Let me know your address and how you want to pay - PayPal or check/mo.

  9. I’ll take the top (blue mackerel)
  10. That is a very nice plug and I appreciate the offer. I actually already have that one put away same color. Any darters?
  11. Looking for one Jointed darter. Thank you SOL.
  12. Take it Blank Disc, it’s a very nice plug good luck with it
  13. Could you take a picture of the back tail wrap, thank you.
  14. If you can wait a few days for payment Ill take them for 110