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  1. Met Lefty and he graciously showed me some casting technique. Reminded me of my grandfather. Huge respect for his creative and pragmatic approach. He is a true pioneer in our sport and developed a beautiful legacy. Wishing Lefty much peace and happiness in his next life chapter!
  2. Guys, Thanks for everyone's input/recommendations... Tight lines and hot drags to all this fall season.. jazzsola aka SolMan
  3. I missed a lightly used Simms Guide jacket, XL. Goretex 3 layer. Cuffs, etc. thought that would be a good option...
  4. Budget under $200 if possible...
  5. I've used a wading jacket over waders for years for surf and other fishing. However, my old jacket is shot; frozen zipper, too many rips etc. I'm heading to Montauk for the fall run and need to get a jacket. Looking for something breathable and able to handle strong, sustained rain. Don't think I need a dri top as I'm not looking to do any extreme surf fishing, squishing, etc. THanks in advance for your help fellas!!
  6. congrats on a fine snook!! Cahsing Snook with a fly rod, foam bugs..West Coast Florida...that's great fishing. Mangroves and lit docks at night...my retirement plan...