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  1. sorry...dropped the ball on the one I offered ya...been working crazy hours. here to remind myself to get you a pic....will try to tonight.
  2. Have purple one. Will have to check cond when I'm home in the am. Pretty sure it's new. Don't remember fishing it.
  3. Sounds good
  4. If you are looking for hookr. I have a purple one id let go for the right price
  5. Deffinatley a good tool in the Arsenal when the bite slows down to see if it's worth sticking it out or not....kinda like cheating. Also...the one drop where the camera got wedged in a rock for a minute... capt thouggt we were on top of a wreck...video shows all rocks. We all learn something from these videos
  6. i thought about picking up one of those cheaper imitations for this, but I like the shots my go pro gets. its a 3 black that I bought new and has been abused since. I want a 5, that one wouldn't be going down to the bottom... we sent down a few drops with a pc of 20 lb mono and a hook attached..we had a few interested fish, but nothing eating. the 20 lb would break way before anything else. but a few shots the crab was right on the lens ruining the shot...
  7. I'll be posting them as I film them. Subscribe to my YouTube page to keep updated
  8. Glad you guys like them. Yea that 90 foot drop I was impressed also. Water was a little dirtier on the other shallower drops I've done with the camera. All shots were taken mid day with sun over head...partly cloudy. Can't wait to send it down on a nice bright sunny day with good vis
  9. The rig weighs 2 lbs and has some drag..need a fairly stout setup to send it down. I use my deep drop bottom fishing rod
  10. I have it rigged up with the handle bar mount clamped to a rig I made. Tied up with 100 lb.mono and a big ball bearing swivel Losing the camera is always a possibility but gotta take a risk to get the shots ;-) I have only been sending it down after a bite dies....I should start sending it down first...
  11. I kayak also...but that's just another tool in the arsenal. For the action we had it wasn't as crowded as it could have been. But that guy casted right over me when I was already fighting that fish...then gave a little bit of attitude about it. Then he asked to use my boga... Then he asked to take a pic of his fish for him... Then he had to go get his phone in his truck to do so....
  12. For a lot of us here in New Jersey Halloween and thanksgiving were the 2 best days of the fall as far as daytime blitz action goes. Unfortunately I missed the thanksgiving bite, but was fortunate to be there for Halloween which was just 3 days after my daughter was born. Soon as it was light enough to see the bait, we saw a huge pod, I mean acres, of bunker down the beach charging straight in. We made our way over quickly and the 3 of us were greeted with the biggest bunker blitz ive ever seen. 20 and 30 pound bass crashing on adult bunker, bunker beaching themselves, and big tails slapping all over. all of our first casts were game on soon as the pencils hit the water with all 3 of us getting 20+ fish. After we all got our 2nd fish, the crowds started to show, and we picked a few more each. I ended the morning trip with 5 fish from 22 to 34 pounds. here is a video of the 34, which was my 4th fish as the bite started to slow down. Also my largest surf fish of 2016. worst part was, I film EVERYTHING. . . when I thought I started filming the insanity in the beginning , all I did was snap a photo when I thought I started recording and when I thought I was stopping it....missed about 10 minutes of pure mayhem and my first fish of the morning...
  13. Been a long time since I have been on here. I rigged up my go pro to send down to the bottom when anchored up. Thought some of you may enjoy these videos... I just started at the end of the year, looking forward to taking a lot more
  14. Free bump. Good luck with sale...I'm temped Bob..don't go to much lower on price or I won't be able to resist haha
  15. 3rd in line?