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  1. No battery. I work in jersey city at night and can meet up north if you'd like
  2. Let me see if this is the same as the one I have and really like..if it is..I'll probably take it.
  3. Island hopper saltwater series trolling motor. MT530. Has hobie mirage mount for 2013 and older kayaks. Not sure if it would work with newer models or if it can be modified in anyway. Barely used. Click link for video of it running . Retails $550 on their site. Asking $350 picked up in NJ 20220317_142331.mp4
  4. i sent bob a message. i told him this post was here. I am not sure his user name...i will get him in contact with you you can also try the phone number listed 732-691-6356 OR if you are on facebook you can go through messenger
  5. Sorry I did not read the rest of the post to see who may or may not have replied to you. That is a Berkley striperclub tag and you absolutely did the right thing leaving it intact! As long as you can read the number off of it, which you clearly can, you can send in the size and date and location where it was caught and find out that information about it's original tagging as well. It may be one of mine! Here is the bsc info for our tags..any questions please ask! Program only works when the tags get reported back
  6. I will do that if you can cover shipping? I looked and only found them for 30 and up? Either way, shipping to anywhere in the Northeast should only be about three or four bucks
  7. Large, small and extra small reel bags. $25 each shipped or 65 for all 3. Black knob off vs200. 7.5/8 out of 10 cos. Hardware included $25 shipped Silver knob off vs150. 8 out of 10 cos. Hardware included. $25 shipped Take the lot (3 bags and 2 knobs) for $100 shipped.
  8. A buddy told me it is indeed a BM but I dont have a scale so I can not weigh it. Going to post office by 3 pm... closing this at that time so let me know . . .
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