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    break things
  1. I hear they are slamming them in the Canal
  2. Trust me I getting around that sucker
  3. I thought any thread that started with Best was auto sent to the Main
  4. Tossed live 22 bullets at rocks for fun. Opened all the fire hydrants and flooded the center of town one time. Shot with a farmers rock salt more then once. All fun
  5. Saw them last week at Indian Ranch. It was a great show $35.00 a ticket too
  6. turn up the base
  7. Great colors on the golden Here's one from the Adirondacks
  8. If I took the wife fishing I would still be waiting in the dam driveway
  9. Would like to add cigar lighter to the kayak...This could work
  10. Hugepile gunna be hard shaking that one
  11. Will it cut braid
  12. Good Post...broke the 30 page hump
  13. What color how deep please
  14. I have an empty Gatorade bottle in my Kayak
  15. whale of a time