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    I like rum&cigars while fishing
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    break things

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  1. It will prepare them for the return home
  2. Almost used my blinker today but was not sure where it's located.
  3. The fist pic looks like you stuck it in a blueberry pie
  4. Massachusetts paid bounties on seals between 1888 and 1962. I wonder if this was introduced because of Great Whites at that time
  5. I am grateful for the experience of kayaking off Herring Cove and was always amazed at sea life I would see. Starting in 2000 when you could only find Bluefish out there hence the name Blues Cruiser the kayak craze was just getting started off herring Cove. We spent many years fishing at the drop along with many other fishing boats and for the most part always seemed to get along. As time went on the seals increased along with some shark sightings witch made interesting. Now is a different time . How many have had the mysterious THUMP that lifts the kayak and WTF was that moment. Would I still go kayaking fishing off Herring cove Yes but not after the end of June as it seems to be when the come around the race. However Its the Best place to fish
  6. The wife swears by the pillow over the face.. me not so much
  7. Getting kinda pricy cruising the Left Lane
  8. Who can guess how many leaks are under the lawn now
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