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    I like rum&cigars while fishing
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    break things
  1. Hey Smallies... Stay out of the Left Lane
  2. I remember as a kid watching the Gas company guy find a leak in a pipe that was in our cellar by walking a lit match down the pipe. He found it
  3. I like to throw washers in the water
  4. a few more
  5. Right whale two 40 footers off race point . thats a local boat in the background ( Bad Dog )
  6. I may have been a bit close that day
  7. Sorry has to be a V8
  8. Time for that walk through the office cubicles
  9. Dunks
  10. That's what it's all about.. Great picture
  11. here ya go
  12. Did I just fall into the Main
  13. You gunna hang a few off the back of the truck
  14. There's a town by me that always has cheaper gas at all the stations in that town. last night 4.49 a gal 87 octane. has been like that for years...Southbridge ma So why is this one town always cheaper