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  1. Cool!
  2. Most of the alternatives use natural fragrant oils ie Lemon, Eucalyptus, Mint etc. They work but you gotta get it everywhere in my experience and not too sure about longevity.
  3. It will also take the oxidized plastic off of your head lights. Works Awesome! Just don't get any on the paint lol. I tried some other stuff but one advantage of 100% DEET spray is that usually you can use it sparingly ie one squirt on your leg does the job. Other stuff ie eucalyptus oil comes in another oil and you end up a basted turkey (**insert joke here lol**) slathering it everywhere as you need full coverage in my experience. That DEET **** (n-n-diethyl meta-toluamide) would give cancer to a cockroach but it works. A little dab'll do ya'.
  4. Hey Jim, Tony sent me a PM and we figured it out. The spool shaft/spindle has not been properly pressed into the spool and so freely spins inside preventing any real purchase on the spool. One of those things that until you have it happen you just can't imagine. One clue was when turning the handle you could feel something not smoothly slipping (ie not nice and smooth like greased drag washers). But I think we have a handle on it now (ugh pun lol). --John
  5. Hello boyos. Came across a used Warfare 20N that seems in excellent condition but won't make proper drag. 1. Drag washers are in proper order. Middle washer is perfectly flat, large heavy one is )= oriented where ) is the washer and = is the sleeve. 2. AR Sleeve is properly keyed. 3. Tried brass spacing sleeve Key #9 a variety of ways and no improvement. 4. Belleville washers are ()(). 5. No, the line isn't slipping :). I can get the star to bottom out but it makes like no pounds of drag. Seems like AR Sleeve 98S is just a tiny bit out of tolerance? It barely sticks out of the top of the AR Clutch when they are seated together. Other than that seems pretty sweet and a great deal for a solid liltte conventional. Please help me get to spec drag numbers ie #10 at least. Regards, John
  6. Its got the nuts for a 30# setup.
  7. Good point. Why don't you look at how pathetic those "affidavits" are and how every single one of significance was debunked. Or you can continue to believe that hundreds Republican election officials all over the country are involved in a vast conspiracy (they did a lot of the debunking) that showed down ballot Republicans doing amazing well all over the country.,....except Trump. Or you can grow a brain and realize he lost by over 6 million votes, 3 million more than last time.
  8. LOL you got some nuts to cup then a deck to gone scrubbie. Musta struck a nerve.
  9. What a convoluted bit of BS you have constructed there. In reality you have no conception of the legal principles involved and that the PA SCOTUS ruled unanimously that it was inconceivable that the entire election would be thrown out because of this issue because they want to PRESERVE DEMOCRACY. Everyone had the same rules to vote under and the election was administered fairly under those rules. All of the legal votes were cast and counted. Fraud would be ie voting twice, ballots being destroyed or felons voting or non-citizens voting none of which occurred in remotely significant numbers.: Ergo there was no fraud, nothing was "unfair' and everyone was treated equally. You just lost. You just can't accept that 80,000,000 Americans think Trump is a ****ing tool who is conning you for money. Instead you post this sort of contradictory crap that actually steals democracy from the voters just because your guy lost.
  10. 1. It is only debatable whether the law in question is unconstitutional under the state constitution of PA. 2. Waiting over a year to overturn a law passed by a R state legislature and until right before certification and then only suing for relief because your guy lost is the very definition of "larches". Look it up. 7 million voters in PA voted in good faith under the rules as they were and there is no court in the land that will disenfranchise them just because a crap lord like Trump wants to steal the election. Deal with it.
  11. This about as moronic as they come. "That koolaid. So sweeeeeet....."
  12. Trump couldn't lead a panty raid at a sorority that had their legs spread ready and waiting.
  13. Don't think Flynn wants to be stand in butt buddy for Trump in prison.
  14. I wonder if you had any brains there.
  15. This has nothing to do with voter fraud. You know that, right?