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  1. I will take the fish finder. Pm me your PayPal info
  2. Is this a universal casting/spinning or is it spinning only?
  3. I am in pa and can arrange shipping and do payment however you like, or can travel a bit if somewhat local. i have had sellers remorse ever since I sold mine 3 years ago, I have bought 2 since and hate them all so far. If you have one or know of one for sale please let me know. My boys and I use it for shark fishing from the beach and I am about 285lbs @ 5’11” so I need a big stable yak to pull big baits out in the water thanks in advance. ryan
  4. Duplicate delete me
  5. Can you get me a price to ship to 17202 for the mojo inshore?
  6. Please close - moving item to auction.
  7. Thank you, this is the last one of my original 3 that is left. Hope to move it soon!
  8. I like this idea as well.. Its how they do redfish in NC
  9. Sold to Skinny755, got the payment this morning. will ship ASAP.
  10. PayPal to and I will ship it by Saturday
  11. Comes as pictured, no box. Mechanically 10/10 Physical 9 of out of 10 only very fine surface scratches. nothing deep, spool has no corrosion Asking $160 shipped firm.