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  1. Hey Fishy. You've asked some pretty broad questions here, so you might not get a ton of replies. I suggest you let us know where you fish and what types of water you plan to fish. That will help folks give you some direction. Also, towards the top right corner of the page is a "search" feature. Click on that, enter search words like "newbie" or "beginner" in the Fly Fishing forum and you will get lots of hits on threads with great info. Welcome to SOL! Alan
  2. For the record, I have not taken any offense whatsoever. Likewise I didn't intend to offend anyone. We are having a respectful discussion. All good! At the end of the day, we are all going to do what we think is best. In no way am I saying anyone is wrong here.
  3. All good points Red, no offense taken. It works for you so that's what matters . I have not done any testing on hooks. I am speaking only from on the water experience. I'm no expert, just a fisherman. My question is this; Let's say you are fishing, and you are fortunate enough to have found some very good fishing. There are big fish eating flies within casting range. You hook, fight and land a very good fish. While extracting the hook you bend the gap open considerably. Do you bend it back and keep fishing? Or do you tie on a new fly? I tie a new fly on every day of the week. The hook is compromised IMHO.
  4. Joe, try to find a local beekeeper who will come take them from you. You can search for a beekeeping club too. If all else fails you can find folks on Craigslist who will usually take them for free. Caveat, I am totally new, but got a call from a friend of a friend who had a swarm of "honey bees" in his garage. I grabbed my gear and headed over. Frankly all I know about capturing a swarm I learned while watching YouTube , but I love to learn and try new things so I was game. Turns out the "bees" were hornets. Good luck! Alan
  5. Good new Belmo. My guy says the hive should weight 80 pounds minimum going into the first frost. Also, if you have been feeding all summer the cells you have capped are likely more sugar syrup than honey, no?? Looking back on it now, I should have kept feeding in mid July and all of August. But live and learn.
  6. Cool stuff this weekend. Based on the weight of my hive and a recent hive inspection I have decided there is not enough honey/sugar syrup stored for winter. In my area they suggest 80 to 90 pounds of hive weight. So I am now feeding a 2 to 1 sugar mixture so the colony can build up the food they will need for winter. There is supposed to be a good crop of goldenrod in my area, but I have not seen much in my immediate area. I pulled a few frames while I cleaned things up a bit and filled the inhive frame feeder. On one I found a fully sealed queen cell and a couple others with larva already growing. It looks like the colony is not happy with the current queen, so they are creating a new one. I I spoke to my local bee guru for some advice, and it turns out he thinks I was right to leave the cells. He suggested letting it go, and checking next weekend to be sure the new queen gets out of her cell. It's all very cool! It will be a miracle if I get this colony to survive thru winter. Alan the Novice Beekeeper
  7. That first pic is my favorite!
  8. Here's something I think is pretty cool. This is picture of me on a small stream in Montana. I was 9 or 10 years old. I came across the picture while cleaning up some boxes of old stuff last week. I spent a lot of time out there in my youth and nearly settled down in MT to be a trout bum. None of my first 4 sons took any interest in fishing, but recently my 13 year old has shown some interest, and this past summer I took him to MT for a few days of trout fishing. I snapped this pic of his first solo trout on the fly; Literally these pics are from the same stream within a mile of each other. Even more ironic we are both wearing our local town's recreation soccer jerseys. These shots are separated by 40 years. Pretty amazing.
  9. Put me squarely in the camp that would not ever bend a hook in any manner intentionally. I cannot imagine a scenario where that would not weaken the hook. Yes, I know tiers have been doing it for decades with bendbacks, etc. And yes, I know it's been discussed to death among the plug builders who clip their trebles to affix them to plugs. Use material distribution and balance to keel flies, not bending hooks or lead. Just my $ .02. Alan
  10. Boots are being sent to zmkm tomorrow. Use them in good health. Alan
  11. Okay Bow, just waiting for details from zmkm. Will give him a day or so to get me an address. If he doesn't get back to me you're next in line.
  12. Yes, they are yours! PM me your address, and I will get them out to you. Glad they will see some use! Alan aka Gilbey
  13. My guess is sometimes you come across a really hard pit, user palms the avocado with left hand, swings knife to skewer the pit, knife skids off pit, and voila, knife into wrist. Still a bonehead move though.
  14. I have a pair of brand new LL Bean felt soled wading boots, men's size 6, never used. I bought several pair at the Bean outlet years ago for my boys, and somehow these never got used. They run a little big, so anyone who wears a size 7 should be good with these. Just tell me you can use them, and I'll ship them free to your door.
  15. I generally buy the indexes full of bits around Black Friday at the big box store when you can get an index and 40 bits for $12-$15. I have been thru a lot, using them until my kids lose them or they break or they get dull. I generally buy whatever is the best deal, DeWalt, Ryobi, etc. I have to say the set on am on now is from Bosch and they are hands down the best bits I have used, certainly better than a Harry Homeowner like me needs. They have stayed very sharp hole after hole in all kinds of materials. Worth a look. Alan