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  1. Nice I am going to start feeding heavily this weekend to try to build out my honey supers for next season. I've been away on business for a bit. I'm hoping to get into my problem hive one evening this coming week to see what's going on. I'll post my findings with pics! Alan
  2. Nope. Just plug it into an outlet.
  3. We use one at my house. It’s a fairly large house. Router is in the front corner of the house. With the extender in the opposite corner (upper floor) we get a much better WiFi signal upstairs. $40 well spent IMHO.
  4. Learn a good loop knot (non-slip mono loop), and learn to tie it with your eyes closed. Save the clips for plug fishing. Alan
  5. Thoughts and prayers to BFD.
  6. Fluke are good fun on the fly. In fact, many moons ago fluke were the first salty fish I caught on a fly. Sandy Hook, NJ on an August afternoon, late dropping tide, NW breeze to keep the bugs down, 8WT intermediate or sinking line, a fist full of clousers in chartruce, pink, white, olive over them in tight to the beach. When it's really good there will be small bait in the wash and you can sometimes even spot the fluke feeding. It's something I don't do enough of these days, but I cannot think of many other ways to spend a Summer afternoon.
  7. The part I don’t get is that I think the queen is fine. I found another pic from the inspection from the weekend. There was plenty of larva and eggs. Here’s a frame of brood from the top deep box. It seems to be a good pattern and solid. If I did a walk away split would you suggest I leave the bottom box and the current queen in the current location and take the top box with the queen cells to a new location? I don’t think we are in full dearth but I do think the main flow is over. Crud. Now I have to buy more equipment.
  8. You can’t tell from the pic but the cells have larva. I am perplexed. They had room to grow. A friend suggested I go thru the bottom deep to see what’s happening down there. The queen is still laying. There is a solid worker brood pattern. There are stores. He suggested culling the queen cells and checking back in a week to see if they reformed. If they do he says the only other option is to split. I don’t have any boxes left. It’s a mystery. But I am learning.
  9. Do you have any gear I can borrow????
  10. Hmmm.....potential issue brewing. Hive #3 is a new colony from a package this Spring. They are booming. They have just about filled a second deep box with brood and stores. In early June I added a honey super to hopefully get some honey to harvest. Well, yesterday a hive inspection revealed they have done nothing with the honey super, and there are 4-5 swarm cells on the bottom of frames from the upper deep box. Uncharted waters for me, so not sure what to do. I'll be doing some reading tonight.
  11. Find a landing spot before you make your first cast while on the rocks or in areas with structure, ideally somewhere where you slide the fish up to you rather than lifting the fish. On an open beach bide your time, and wait for the right wave pattern to slide the fish on the beach, and go down to the fish as long as its safe. Avoid "high sticking" at all costs. And yes, stuff happens in this sport. Anyone who's spent any sort of time chasing saltwater fish from the beach with fly rod has likely broken a rod or three . Alan
  12. Wow, that's crazy! 100 feet away?
  13. Nice post Belmo! Glad to hear things are going well . Yep, there is a lot to learn, and I do know what you mean when you describe looking at frames and not being completely sure if things are good or bad or indifferent . But like you I am getting better, and like you I can clearly see the differences between my colonies. Mites are no joke. I am going to test for mites after the 4th of July and then treat as needed. I did test back in early Spring and all was well. Look up Varroa Mite EZ Check for easy alcohol wash tests. Good luck!! Keep the reports coming. Alan
  14. Nice work !
  15. Live from my apiary, busy bees on a sunny day