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  1. Anybody gathering sap this year?? My trees are tapped.
  2. That's really a 64 thousand dollar question. So many factors effect appropriate gear for a beginner. What do you hope to catch? Where are you going to primarily fish? In what conditions will you fish? What's your budget? Do you want to buy new or used? Use the search feature in the top right corner of forum pages just below the StripersOnLine logo. Use words like "newbie" "beginner" "first fly outfit" "fly rod advice" etc. Here are a few threads to get you started;
  3. No need to strip one side. Just wrap it. What's a "brush"?
  4. Well there you go. Get yourself invited along on a trip or three with these guys. Ask lots of questions. Try out their gear. Focus on the how and why, don't worry about the where so much. Ply them with good Scotch or beer or whatever it is they prefer.
  5. In addition to the search feature definitely try to find someone local who can show you the ropes. Perhaps find a club in your area. You will greatly shorten your learning curve if you learn hands on from those who know. Guides are always an option as are various clinics which are offered by some clubs, outfitters or lodges in various areas. Good luck! When you have specific questions come back and post them! Alan
  6. Well, it is very possible he got in to son #2's stash! Seriously though it's crazy. Start a fire in the fireplace, plunk down on the couch, and he's right there, out cold in two minutes. Put on the muck boots and a coat and he's instantly ready for a non-stop run for as long as we are outside. Never saw anything like it.
  7. Here's one of mine, a tricolor English Springer Spaniel. I've had Springers all my life. This one is special. Loyal as the day is long, will run all day or sleep all day, whichever. And has no shame.....
  8. My basement temps during winter are just about 50F. Summer temps about 65F. Lagers get brewed in winter and conditioned in my beer fridge, ales in summer (year round really). I had thoughts of building a cooled fermentation chamber, but other than a Marzen and the occasional American lager I am an (IP) Ale guy.
  9. I have a bucket list longer than any striper I ever caught or ever will catch. On the list though is to brew 100% DIY organic, homegrown beer. I have some land and could grow my own barley. Of course I would have to malt it which is an ancient and complicated art in its own right. Hops I already grow on a very small scale (I have 3 vines), and on that same bucket list is to become a small scale hope farmer which I may actually do sooner rather than later. Back to the beer.......I would catch some wild yeast which I have tried unsuccessfully, maybe brew the entire thing over a fire pit. 100% organic, from the ground up homegrown homebrew! To echo some others, IMHO I don't think you can expect to brew amazing beer right out of the gate or even every time once you have some experience. Over the years I have brewed over 200 batches. I started with a kit like most, played around with extract kits, then created my own extract kits, and have been brewing all grain for 15 years. I would say of those 200ish batches the breakdown would look something like this; 20 - exceptional - as good as the best beer I have ever had, tremendous balance, try not to share with friends who drink Coors Light 50 - very good - excellent beer, proud to serve to any beer snob 60 - good - a decent beer, good drinkabilty, perhaps not dead on with something (hops, body, carbonation - too much, too little) 50 - eh - drinkable, but not really even close to good. Off flavors due to various reasons. Perhaps followed an online recipe that sucked. Maybe tried a style that was new and sucked. Drink it when nothing else is around, and don't serve to friends you like. 10 - yuck - barely drinkable. Sucked ass for various reasons, choked down a few, blended with other beer to avoid dumping the entire batch, but ended up ditching it eventually anyway. 10 - downright undrinkable - some sort of infection or horrendous miscalculation, tasted and dumped. For the homebrewer there are so many factors the effect the quality of your brew. To name a few; temperature control in all stages, ingredients quality/variations, water quality, sanitation, accuracy, etc. At home its hard to get consistent product batch to batch. I have a house IPA recipe that has been AMAZING one time only to be pedestrian the next. To me that adds to the fun and challenge. Do not homebrew if your only goal is to save money. If that's your goal just go out and buy a 30 pack of Natural Light for $12. Like someone above mentioned, it's like so many other things; fly tying, plug building, rod building, etc. If you are like me, you can take great pride creating and using your own; beer, flies, plugs, rod, etc. But you could probably save a lot of time and money if you just bought them off the shelf. There are lots of guys on SOL who brew and who are happy to share info. There are some great clubs and message boards too. Brew on! Alan
  10. Don't do it for the cost savings. Do it for the fun and challenge and accomplishment. I fade in and out of it a bit like I do with all my hobbies, but I've been a homebrewer for 25 years. I do enjoy the creativity and the DIY aspect. Brew on! Let us know how it goes.
  11. Thanks for the replies gents!
  12. I'm looking for a small compressor for my shop. Nothing crazy big. It will mostly see use powering a finish nailer and for blowing off dust, etc. I have access to (borrow) a larger unit for when I do flooring projects, so this one really doesn't need to be a monster. There are lots of configuration options out there. Anybody have a suggestion on a style and model?
  13. Man as a manager of a small business this really gets me. I go WAY BEYOND the norm to provide a good working environment. Everyone has a minimum of 2 weeks paid vacation. I also extend long weekends all the time, IE 4 day Labor Day, 4th of July and Memorial Day weekends almost every time unless we are slammed. We close the week (usually 10 days) between Christmas and New Years with full pay. I offer unlimited personal and sick days with the understanding that nobody abuses the privilege. In 20 years, nobody has abused the policy. Now I have a couple 20 somethings working for me who will likely make me change the policy and ruin it for everyone else. Employee: "I need to take Friday off as a personal day." Me: "Okay, what's up? Everything okay?" Employee: "Everything is fine, I just have some things I need to take care of." Me: "Well that sounds like a vacation day, not a personal day." Employee: "No, it's a personal day. It's not like I'm gonna do anything fun." Biggest eye roll in the world. Seriously???
  14. Great news on the class belmo. There is a great club near me that hosts live classes each spring. I am hoping to get to one this spring.