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  1. Awesome info Skeeter. Hoping it all comes together for Sunday morning. Busy busy. Gotta run.
  2. Okay Skeeter (and others), it looks like I am going to try to extract this colony from my friend's soffit this weekend. Got any tips and tricks? What's the best time of day? I assume early when most of the colony is at home?? My plan is to use a battery powered saw to cut thru the thin wooden soffit from the corner to the middle and remove. They have been in there for a while, so I am expecting to find a good amount of comb. Flow has been strong, so I expect to find lots of honey comb too. I guess it's just breaking off the layers of comb one by one and placing them in a cardboard box. Then clean up the area as best I can with a scraper. Can I transport the bees back to my yard right away? And just put them in a deep like a swarm? What do you think??
  3. Rotted joists??
  4. I run a small business here in central NJ, 6 employees. I know how hard it is right now to hire new people. Of my 6 staff, 4 are excellent, the other 2 are adequate. Business is booming, I cannot afford to lose any of them. I gave out inflationary raises all around last week.....except for myself.
  5. Step 1 - Wake up Step 2 - Run dog until he's tired (cooler mornings or evenings best) Step 3 - Go to sleep Step 4 - Repeat
  6. This.
  7. I use flat waxed nylon. You just need to learn about thread pressure. It's the key to spinning deer hair. Take a look at this old post, perhaps it will help;
  8. I do the same!! PMD spinner falls are among my most favorite fishing experiences anywhere. Fish sipping spinners in quiet eddies. The rises are dimples, but the fish can be among the biggest in the river!
  9. He should stop rolling his wrist on that cast. Awesome picture!!
  10. Woah, that's crazy! Any thoughts on what triggered all those queen cells and swarming? It's awfully late for swarming, no? Amazing that you went from zero colonies to 15 in a couple months. Do you have plans to sell your nucs? How do you know when they are ready to sell? Soffit bee extraction is set for 4th of July weekend. The homeowner is reporting more and more bees, so I expect to find a bunch of comb full of honey and a laying queen. Should be fun. Get your cameras ready!
  11. #5 is not the problem. Working my way downstream over the next couple days. Thx for the help.
  12. I will get back at it later today or tomorrow armed with the intel above and let you know. There are 10 (or is it 11?) lights in the string. I will let you know how it goes. Does it seem weird that when I connect everything, turn on the breaker, turn on the switch that lights come on for 10 seconds or so and then the breaker pops??
  13. Happy to help Passiton. Just reach out if/when you are ready. I spent a lot of time out there in my youth, and I have boots on the ground there all summer.
  14. Absolutely! And funny, all the times I was up in the Slough Creek area I never had an issue. On there other hand, there are some places I know on the western side of the park which involve fishing with a major pucker factor. It adds a whole new element to the game.
  15. I'm in sales in a completely unrelated industry, but it boggles my mind that some people cannot understand we are in different times. Supply chain and skyrocketing prices are rampant in nearly every industry. I can imagine you contractor guys are coming up against all sorts of supply shortages, and I bet, like some of my customers, some of them just don't get it. I deal with it every day. Customer: "I need a pallet of XYZ sent out by tomorrow." Me: "Sorry, but lead time is 4-6 weeks for XYZ right now and the price is 15% higher." Customer: "Your customer service used to be so good, what's going on there? Do I need to find a new supplier?" Me: speechless