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  1. I have got to get into mine one afternoon this week just to be sure they aren't getting ready to swarm. Skeeter - so say you didn't want to make more nucs and you didn't want to split the colony, what are the options in the case above where the colony is definitely looking to swarm? Are there any?
  2. Yes, 30# braided dacron as backing will be easier to manage. Lots of connection options - backing to spool --> backing to fly line --> fly line to mono butt section --> butt section to leader.........reinforced nail knots, loop to loop systems, etc.
  3. Hi Sporto. If you are running out of line on a 9 weight with a cocktail blue you are definitely doing something wrong. Does your reel have any drag setting? If so, you need to crank it down. If not, and that's okay when getting started, you will need to learn how to palm the spool to apply tension/pressure. Do you have backing on your reel? Fly fishers will vary with how much they think they need, but most of us fly fishing inshore for bass, blues, fluke, albies are fishing 100(ish) yards of braided backing. Even still, small bluefish, school bass, and fluke really shouldn't be taking you into your backing if you are applying appropriate pressure. Can you share more about your outfit and circumstances?
  4. Yep, some guys are just on a whole 'nother level than the rest of us. Hoping you are doing well Rachel Marie.
  5. I tested positive in early February. I am getting my JNJ shot this evening. When I had the virus I had one night where I felt mild flu symptoms, woke up the next morning and felt much better. I dealt with a bit of a cough for a week. Otherwise I felt fine. I ran 6 miles every day except that first one. I am curious to see how I react to the vaccine.
  6. If you are asking about lime on your lawn for PH stabilization I have read that it is bee friendly. It's the pesticides that are really, REALLY bad for bees. Good inspections this weekend for me for all three colonies. Number 1 is still booming. I put on two honey supers with built out comb and a queen excluder 10 days ago. They have just started to fill some of the frames, so I assume the flow here is just starting. In the lower boxes there is solid brood pattern with lots of pollen and some honey in the corners. No swarm cells noted. I even found the Queen again which for me is not normal. Maybe I am just getting better at spotting her, but that's three times in a row. It helps that she is absolutely HUGE. I know I don't have tons of experience, but she is by far the biggest queen I have ever seen! The other two colonies are doing well too. I only pulled a couple frames from the bottom box and found good brood patterns, larva and eggs in both, so I closed them both back up quickly to let them bee bees!
  7. Share some pics when you get it!
  8. It seems to be all right there. Some nice long saddle or flatwing hackles, some bucktail, peacock hearl topping, jungle cock eyes, epoxy the head on a 2X long hook. The recipe is easy. The execution is critical. Use the search feature to find posts by SOL member Rachel Marie. Incredible tier. Patterns that leapt off the screen. Works of art. Humbled.
  9. Kubota's have a great track record. My only concern would be 22HP with a backhoe. 22HP diesel is a powerful machine to run various equipment; front loader, finish mower, brush hog, etc. But that's not a lot of power and size to run a backhoe IMHO.
  10. I have been getting back into woodworking a bit more over the past year. Like every single one of my hobbies I ebb and flow. Right now woodworking in in flow mode. Here's the story.....I am very involved in Scouting. I have 5 sons my first son hated Scouting, and that's okay. #2, #3 and #4 are Eagles. #5 will be Eagle later this year. I know Boy Scouting has a bit of a lame, dorky stigma, but my sons have gotten a ton of enjoyment out of the program. And I have seen countless young men benefit unbelievably from the Scouting program. Our Troop has been around for over 50 years. We have lots of cool traditions. One I like a lot is that we keep a perpetual box of ashes. The story is that from each Summer camp and from several special camps that are held each year we gather a sampling of ashes from the campfire in a box. When we arrive in camp the youth leader of the trip takes a scoop of ashes from our stash and dumps in on the campfire ring. At the end of the camp he takes a scoop of the ashes out of the campfire ring and it's added to our box. So in theory the collection of ashes contains ashes from 50+ Summer camps plus additional special campfires. I am CERTAIN we have missed a few over the years but the concept remains. I the past the ashes were contained in an old wooden box and in some cases a ziplock bag. That needed a serious upgrade, and I finally had time to do it. I built a box to store the ashes that will be kept in our awards case where we meet each week (in normal times). The smaller dovetail box will be presented to the scout leader who is running Summer Camp. He will grab a scoop of ashes out of the main box before camp. When he gets to camp he will dump them in the fire ring, and at the end of camp he will grab a scoop of ashes out of the ring. Those ashes will be added to the main box when we return. The wood is mostly black walnut from a tree that came down on my property during Hurricane Sandy. It's simple miter joints that are pinned with some purple heart I had laying around. I didn't want to use any hardware, so the hinges were made with lathe turned walnut dowels pinned thru the top. I hand carved a wooden "spoon" to scoop ashes. The inlay in the top is blended epoxy to look like a campfire. Both boxes were branded with our Troop brand - we are #1776. It was all finished with Danish oil. I am pretty happy with the way it came out. I would have done the hinges differently next time, but otherwise it's pretty cool.
  11. Cool looking comb, and great pics of the eggs in cells My packages are happy. I checked on Tuesday. Both queens are out of their little boxes, and there are already eggs in cells. I even found one of the queens purely by coincidence. They both are in fully built out deeps, so I am watching closely and ready to add another box if needed. My original colony is booming again. It's unbelievable how quickly the population has exploded in just a few weeks. I even found the queen in that hive too! I'll be looking to put a honey super on soon, and they are DEFINITELY on swarm watch, although I saw no evidence of queen cells.
  12. Rockler will have them in all sizes too.
  13. Got a model number Gellfex? Will def take a look. We keep going back and forth. This could take a while.
  14. The 12 week lead time is for the stove. I don't need granite......unless I REALLY screw up the trimming!
  15. Yes, we are talking a full range and oven. We have a wall oven already. I cook a lot, she likes to bake, and in "normal" times we host all holiday meals and other parties in between, so we could use another oven. It would me we would lose two large drawers which currently store all our pots and pans though.