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  1. Well, sorry, I suppose a thumbs up isn't really appropriate. Challenging times all over the globe. Thanks for the info! Stay well.
  2. Thanks as always Marcel. Are there any travel or activity restrictions in these areas you fish due to Covid? Alan
  3. Sad, but it's the way things have been going for a while now. I got a paper catalog from Feather Craft yesterday in the mail, and I was kinda shocked in a weird sorta way. I did leaf through it though, and I think I found a few things I just can't live without .
  4. The lawn striping is stellar!
  5. You should do photo shoots for Kane!
  6. Yeah, I've been fishing that area for 25+ years too, I know the exact areas of which you speak, and yes, it sure has changed a lot. Access for sure is an issue, pre-9/11 days were a lot easier. My first fish on the fly was from the area too! And yes, I'm also old . There are still some opportunities though, and it's still a lovely place to fish.
  7. Yes, just 2 x 4 packs, I don't think I've had that one before.
  8. I just ordered my case of Kane Stained Glass, if you need me, I'll be waiting on my porch.
  9. 5/31 inspection, what a difference 14 days makes!! I left #2 and #3 alone this time around. They were both queenright and building two weeks ago, so I am going to let them do there thing and not disturb them in hopes they can build their population, build out some more foundation, and get some honey stored up. #1 was the big question. Two weeks ago I found loads of active bees, but no evidence of a queen. I have a honey super on top of two deep boxes. Two weeks ago that super was empty. The frames were built out with wax from last year, but not a drop of honey. Much to my surprise, when I checked yesterday that super is 90% full of honey, probably 30 pounds worth! Amazing! The boxes were still stuffed with bees. The second deep box must weight 70 pounds right now, also full of honey and some syrup from earlier in the year. But the biggest news, and what I am most excited about, in the bottom box I found eggs, larva a brood. #1 is queenright! I am glad I waited it out. I added another honey super, closed it up, and walked away feeling accomplished.....even if it was the bees who did all the hard work!
  10. 40 to 20. That’s it. I see no need to go lower than that for the places and conditions in which I fish. You might choose differently. No wrong answer. I will add that a loop knot to attach the fly is key to me. A tight clinch knot in 20# or higher mono inhibits fly movement and action. A loop knot corrects for that.
  11. I keep it simple almost always. 1.5' of 40# Clear Berkley Big Game mono with a perfection loop. For open beaches it's a straight shot of 20# Clear Big Game, about 5-6 feet loop to loop. For around the rocks I go up to 30#. I am generally not fishing situations which require finesse presentations. Lots of different way to do it, none are wrong.
  12. I'll throw in Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Torpedo IPA for generally nationally available beers. Lagunitas IPA I enjoy on tap, in a bottle/can to it's too carbonated for me. Still good beer though. I'm a big Rogue fan too, but hard to find anything other than Dead Guy Ale which is too big for my tastes.
  13. How is it Mitchell? I saw that release today.
  14. Lol my wife complains all the time about how many different mustards I keep in the fridge. She just doesn’t get it!!