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  1. Trout sure do live in pretty places, don't they......... Thanks for sharing. Alan
  2. I swear I see this thread and it brings out the little kid in me to see what's in the net. I'm suddenly 9 years old again, playing in the creek behind my house searching for critters!
  3. One of my goals as a mature (okay, "get old" :o) is to be more in tune with nature. I have a long way to go, but it is absolutely amazing to what you can see if you just look. Love your posts DG . Still waiting for the "what's in the drop net" 2019 edition! Alan
  4. Time on the water. It's all about feeling the rod load. After a while it will become second nature. Alan
  5. Congrats on an amazing fish !
  6. I appreciate the info gents .
  7. Thanks John. I have read that same comment elsewhere about Transcend vs Aztek. So the Aztek decking accepts those Trex fasteners? That's looking like the material we will go with. Now we need to consider the color, stair layout and railing options. I plan to add some lighting as well. Lots of planning to be done before I start ripping up old decking. One step at a time, but there will be a ground level paver area with a fire pit in the short term too. I see Aztek has a paver product in their line as well. In the long term is a pizza oven, but that's probably five years out. I appreciate all the help and ideas. Alan
  8. Thanks John. What kind of fasteners do you like? Alan
  9. Love those trees coming thru the deck Chunkah Thanks for the tips and ideas.
  10. Thanks Jim, that's what I thought. I will double check with my local building department. Glass would look cool, but prob not quite for me. I am thinking of getting rid of the railing in most sections thinking it might give a cool, open format look.
  11. Does anyone know what code is for a railing requirement? IE, how high off the ground does a deck need to be to require a railing?
  12. I like the low/no maintenance aspect of synthetic. I have mahogany under my covered porch, and it does require a fair amount of care. I treat it every other year with sealer, and it has worn and faded. I like wood too, but it sounds like it just may not be ideal in my case.
  13. Yes, this is for my deck at my home. It's about 18' x 38'. When we built the house we used synthetic decking. I cannot recall the name. It was highly rated on Consumer Reports and several other reviews. Yes, it has lasted 12 years, but it has not worn well at all. It has faded to various shaded, it's warped, and the railing and stair system is a mess. Yes, the more I read about Ipe, the less interested I am. So it looks like we are headed in the Trex direction. I also need to look up the code for railing requirements. I am considering getting rid of most of the railing for a more "open" look. I thought maybe some integrated seating or planters instead. what's your go to synthetic decking these days? Alan
  14. I found a couple older threads, but since materials change often I wanted to start a new one. I have to replace about 700 square feet of outdoor deck that I plan to replace this Spring/early Summer. The current synthetic decking is in really bad shape. The framing is in fine shape, 12" on center pressure treated. What decking material would you use if you were replacing this deck today. Is Ipe worth the money? What's the best synthetic decking these days? Also, how much extra material would you buy? 10%? Alan
  15. Looking good Belmo! I was in my boxes yesterday for a quick check. My original hive is strong and growing. Lots of brood. My only concern is that the bees have not built out the honey super where they will store honey when the "flow" is on starting around now. Most say they bees know what they are doing, and they will build places to store honey when they need it. Hive 2 is the colony I split off my original hive. I was a little discouraged to not find eggs and larva which would indicate I had a laying queen, but most sources say it can take 4+ weeks from the time the new queen hatches to start laying. I will give it another week or two before I consider buying a new queen from a local source. Hive 3 is my new package that I installed 2 weeks ago. The bees have been busy building out comb so the queen can lay eggs and build the colony. The good news is there is already 3 full frames built out, and I saw eggs, larva, and capped brood, so it's all systems go. Alan