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  1. I’ll take it. Pm coming
  2. Looking for a like new if not new slammer 360. Can PP immediately.
  3. Yup, exactly. Had the whole set of brown, Brooke and golden I offloaded a few years back. Looking to rebuild. Pics when available please, thanks
  4. Looking for Rm Trout patterns in Brookie, Brown, Golden and others( Dannys, jointed, peanuts). Thanks, Jomi
  5. Opening back up. Firm at $390 shipped
  6. Yes 8 wt Orvis Hydros floating however loop and become unwelded. Easy fix and great deal with flies and steamer wallet
  7. Final drop. $203 pp, shipped and insured. Reel is brand new (used only twice) and all flies are unused .
  8. Exactly, thank you lol
  9. Exactly, thank you lol
  10. It’s like a button or clasp to secure the hook for display purposes