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  1. Does anyone know the backing capacity for the LRH with 5 WF; can’t find specs anywhere. thbaks.
  2. Peanuts, Danny’s and swimmers or anything comparable just no giants or jointed
  3. Yeah you know what I think I may be interested in picking up another, could you send me pics of a few?
  4. Might be interested in the brown, can you send a pic?
  5. Would you be willing to split? Will you accept $170 shipped for rod?
  6. Bump, still looking. Will offer going rate.
  7. C & R works
  8. Hi Jim, thanks For the response but I’m going to pass, had a lower price in mind. Actually going to close it up and pursue elsewhere
  9. Looking only for trout patterns now, thank you. Brook, Brown or Golden in peanut, Danny, swimmer or jointed swimmer/Danny
  10. Thanks but I’ll pass on the giants, sorry should have specifics.
  11. Looking for the above in 9ft 8wt thanks
  12. Looking for above in Danny , swimmer , peanut or jointed patterns
  13. Sorry, I thought I responded. Thank you but I think I’ll pass.