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  1. He hit the last hook on the plug, in the corner of his mouth, yeah, he should have frayed that in no time. I may have mispoke earlier, though, it was a 30" FORTY lb fluoro leader and 20lb braid. Not a 20lb fluoro leader. He ran north and south, (only hooked him 15 feet offshore) but never back out to sea.
  2. I was snook fishing, but we get plenty of 6 foot hammerheads on 20lb mono on surf rods rigged for pompano and whiting, LOL! You just have to grab them and pull them up on the beach a lot sooner with lighter line.# Anyway, it's 100% not a bull. It is a blacktip or spinner or some similar speices. I don't know what it is, but I know what it's not. (and who said "Nurse shark"? )
  3. If he died, I would have eaten him, but he swam off nicely. I only eat sharks that die upon release (it's usually a hammerhead, but not very often do they die) Even though spinners and blacktips are all over out here, I rarely catch them. Almost always it's a hammerhead, bonnethead or bull.
  4. Uh, CANES! Not Dolphins!
  5. yeah, I was just tossing the plug in the trough, about 20 feet ofshore, between waves (the snook like to hang there) Got hit the second it hit the water. That game was before the Dorsey and Duke injuries, so drinking was voluntary!
  6. I didn't see that. It was pitch dark out, rough seas, I only saw him leave the water. I had 20lb braid and a 20lb fluoro leader, and he didn't wrap it around him, but he could have spun. Has to be a spinner. Long pointy snout, small eyes pretty far back. Fins, everything is consistant. My freind claims it is a dusky, but I don't find any resemblence.
  7. Surf fishing off Vero one night, with a Mirrolure Top Dog. (its like a big Zara Spook) This shark hit, jumped like a tarpon, clear out of the water 3 times ( thought it was a big tarpon for a long while). Was just 6 feet long, really fought, long runs, really aggresive when I grabbed him by the tail and pulled him onshore. Heavy sucker, at least 150 lbs I was drunk, and the Canes were kicking off against UNC in ten minutes, so I quickly unhooked him, got this pic, and got him back in the water. He swam away fine, but he was really angry, one of the more pissed off sharks I have caught. Kept trying to bite me. I think it is a spinner, has black shading on the tips of his long pectroal fins, long pointy nose, BUT it was really thick bodied around the gill to dorsal area, like a bull shark. I know the pic is not much to go on, it had long dorsal and pec fins, fought like a spinner, but I was really drunk. Very rare, getting a shark at night, in rough surf, with a top dog, I say. Any suggestions?
  8. Seas have been on and off, fishing the beach along Indian River County. Snook are mostly near the inlets. Catching quite a few nice mutton snapper in the surf (on pinfish), lots of shark (probably getting ready for the mullet run), a few nice pompano, lots of ladyfish and a few mackeral and bluefish (Croc spoons , mostly). One big snook (way too big). When the mullet get here, the beach will be rockin'.
  9. "Big" to me is not trophy or anything, but one that if you were keeping 'em to eat, would be a "Keeper", so maybe 10oz or better? Not "Big" I guess. ??? OK, I did find the bigger guys, and the posters here were right, as usual. They are in the middle, in the deeper waters (about 10 feet), and hit a few 11/2" minnows I dropped down deep (haven't gotten around to getting worms yet). Also puloled in a few big Mayan Cichlads (they are nice panfish). Got enough Bluegills and Cichlads that if I wasn't catching and releasing, would have made for a fish fry. Thanks, guys. BTW, my rig was a Arkee Lures Sexee Shad on a jighead on the bottom, with two dropper number 6 circles hooks with live minoows, on 8lb fluorocarbon.
  10. Took a canoe way out to the middle span of the Skyway bridge once. Gave up on canoes forever after that, and went full kayak. Stupid hammerhead kept smashing into us (thank God he was only a 6-7 footer), the wind spins them around, and they are completely unstable if you stand up. Too much wasted space. Any two man ride on fishing kayak beats it any day. I do know some clown that go 20 miles offshore in a Genoe (a fiberglass canoe with a transom). That is just insanity, don't care if the seas are glass or not. My one man, sit in kayak is perfect, I can get a few hundred yards offshore even in 3 foot seas, right from the beach, and carry it with one arm.
  11. Get an orange pair and a green pair, and wear one of each to rep the Canes while fishing.
  12. I'm in. I live here, so let me know what I can do.# Those of you who like camping, Long Point Park, on the North side of the inlet, rocks. Waterfront sites (good wading/kayaking inshore fishing), easy boatoing access to inlet, nice swimming pond, etc.
  13. Have unhooked a few without incident. Do they have barbs like a sea cat?
  14. Attorney, mostly.