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  1. I'll take Maine's craptastic cities over another state's anyday of the week. The self loathing and projectionism is strong in you. You are railing against how awful Maine while your moniker is "Maine Guide"
  2. Not really, legal or illegal, white or black. There just aren't hoardes of people coming to your town and being supported by your property taxes.
  3. Funny how Maine has one of the lowest illegal immigrant population or really population growth of any kind. The top states include Mass, New York, Florida., Texas, California, etc. Its just not a Maine problem. A lot of you old grumpy guys are really bad at any kind of facts.
  4. This just in actual news: Although critics complain of overspending, Mills’ administration has steadily added to the state’s budget stabilization or so-called “rainy day” fund, growing it to $267.9 million, or $50 million more than when she took office in 2019. Looks like Maine will be in the black this year! Don't worry BOAT that doesn't mean African American.
  5. You must have majored in English, you're eloquence has me enamored! The government doesnt create jobs, people, businesses and corporations do. Youv'e ( ) been conditioned to blame outsiders and others for all the wrongs you see in Maine. Wah: its the people on welfare, its the liberals, its the scratch tickets, its the taxes, its this, its that! Have a Maine beer you need one!
  6. What I'm saying is your ignorant. Your big insult is scratch tickets. No wonder you ran out of Maine, must have been picked on.
  7. But, on a per capita basis, less populous western states net more tourist spending per resident. By the U.S. Travel Association's estimates, Maine received $2,627 in tourism spending for every resident of the state in 2013. That's less than any other New England state save Rhode Island. Maine does, however, rank highly among the states in how much it spends on tourism marketing and promotion. The Maine Office of Tourism's budget in 2013 was $9.6 million, which amounts to $7.38 from every resident. According to data from the travel industry website, which compiled the tourism marketing budgets for 50 state governments and the District of Columbia in 2013, Maine ranked 6th among the 50 states for how much its taxpayers spend per capita on tourism marketing. As a total percentage of the gross state product, tourism expenditures only represent 6.39% of the state's entire economy. In Florida, tourism spending adds up to about a tenth of the economy. And in Nevada and Hawaii, tourism makes up a quarter of those states' gross income.
  8. Enjoy your state, I enjoy mine!
  9. Long after the naysayers and the johny come latelys will be the people who continue to keep this place going! Dont like it GTFO! Money is no measure of a man, if you think paying taxes is meaningful, pity on your pathetic life. Get out and go fishing and figure out what matters.
  10. We should round you up and send you away! Be gone troll what's your legal right to Maine? Be gone, we dont need the likes of you! We'd like to send you back on a boat! Your taxes are but a pittance!
  11. Swing and a miss! If you made it why would complain about property taxes ?! If you think tourism and lobstering is the only money making venture in Maine try again. I live in Maine to fish year round the quality of life is fantastic so complain all you want about the business atmosphere.
  12. Cover ground, prepare the body. Early season schoolies are suicidal. There are always bigger fish mixed in. Good time for sight fishing and exploring.
  13. People that pay property taxes from out of state are definetly not propping up the state. There's a lot of corporations in Maine and a lot of Mainers that pay a lot of taxes and contribute to the state revenue. Don't like it leave, sell your property and move to CT, Mass, FL, NC, NY. You will really enjoy it there!
  14. Yeah blame refugees, oldest and dumbest trick in the book.