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  1. They fly quite well, fledglings can fly in 30 days, as opposed to the bald eagle which take 10 weeks to fly. Maine for the most part only nets off part of the beach versus whole beaches like Mass.
  2. A few years back the brit was heavy at Parson's and they were pushed up river, huge die off, fish were there early too, Mother's day in fact. Definitely need a fly or a teaser in a brit blitz!
  3. I for one would like to see the amount of deaths reduced amongst Veteran homes, etc. It's unprecedented the way it spread and how isolated some people had to die etc. A real shame. Let's honor those people.
  4. From IFW Email: Fishing, hiking, and other outdoor activities are essential for your physical and mental health and are permitted activities under Governor Mills’ executive order, as long as people continue to follow social distancing guidelines. Read more.
  5. I've already made my plans. I'll be dropped off at night at a UDL, I can mostly walk in the dark no lights, social distancing will be a non issue.
  6. Effective Friday, March 27 at 12:01 am, the following Midcoast and Southern Maine coastal State Parks and beaches are closed until April 8: Reid State Park, Popham Beach State Park, Fort Popham, Fort Baldwin, Kettle Cove State Park, Two Lights State Park, Crescent Beach State Park, Scarborough Beach State Park, Ferry Beach State Park, and Mackworth Island. (Note that the closure could be extended depending on the spread of the potentially deadly virus.) Read Full Press Release
  7. Scarborough Beach shut down till 4/8, Higgins will be next.
  8. I call it go fishing absolutely! Wish I had a way to get fresh haddock. As long as you're safe! I check the beaches everyday (Cape to Scarborough "Sunday" drive) and there are people flocking there and acting in ignorance of how a virus is spread. Dogs can spread it but luckily can't be affected by it. I find it infuriating that people can't chill for a couple weeks. Adapt and overcome. Its not about stopping the virus its about making sure we have all the ventilators we need for whoever needs them. I have a lot of empathy for the sick, Ive seen people die from lung disease and auto immune disorders. Its slow and painful.
  9. Its not: Shelter in place. Its a formal closing of non essential businesses.
  10. Roccus I think those closures are specific to growing/farming and not recreational harvest. If its a municipality call the town, if state land you dont need a license, possession 3 bushels unless the town says otherwise. Pick em up off the beach after a storm.
  11. PSP (Red Tide) closures are not included in the inventory above!! Some Pollution Areas contain conditional area classifications. These areas open and close depending on various conditions which effect pollution levels, such as waste water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, marinas, rainfall or season. You may also check the hotline at 1-800-232-4733 to see whether or not the area is open or closed. Be advised that the best information comes from your local Marine Patrol Officer, local shellfish warden, or your local Marine Patrol office. This website was last updated on January 29, 2020.
  12. There is a link that explains all current closures and its up to date.
  13. Biddeford Pool does not receive the **** that flows down river. I looked at the closure and a lot of them were due to recent rainfall events, sewage discharge, etc. They re-open after a period of time. Consequently just today a fishing buddy was telling me how they were coming up the river before heavy rainfall and saw raw sewage in the river. It was explained to him they calculate how much direct sewage they can dump in anticipation of heavy rain.
  14. Mosquitoes, forget the black flies unless you are in a heavily wooded area. Again fishing on the water for bass in Maine=mosquitoes.
  15. Read about old timers that would use mummichog for smelt. They would keep them wrapped in a newspaper for travel and they would keep just fine this way. Ive done the same, wrap them in a wet paper towel. Believe it or not some of the biggest sea smelt Ive caught were live ones tipped on a glow eye spoon.