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  1. Fall time is my favorite! Can't wait till the dogs days are over. Nothing like the cool air and surfcasting for cows in skinny water.
  2. <<Click Bait>> Yeah the moral is don't introduce non native species that will out compete the native species and lead to a decline. [State of Maine 1970's] Now it's the evil C&R fisherman that don't want to eat 30 togue that lead to a decline?! How about the effect of DDT manufactured by Monsato that was heavily sprayed back in the day that decimated the species. Nothing to see here folks its the recreational fishery that did it.
  3. Last time I saw Ocean Lures brand was at Surfland but I had heard the company was up for sale a few years back. Your best bet is to post a WTB thread and see if anyone has one for sale.
  4. Not everyone believes its sustainable, but Omega certainly does and there is some shenanigans that goes on with "sustainability"
  5. Commercial fishermen don't get a pass because of statistics. They've been a part of every fish decline since 1492. They should put that on their t-shirts.
  6. Probably some damn seals. Blues are so random I can't imagine how you would track them down. Pogies out the wazoo. I always say August/September is the bests chance for blues in Maine.
  7. What does that make you his White Knight? Prince Charming no doubt.
  8. Hold the rod in your hand and stay ready.
  9. That's a refreshing thought. These people are legends in their own mind.Terrible walks are the best kind of walks.
  10. Thanks Tim S and non-spot burners of the world.
  11. I would fish those Sniper Shad exclusively. Those will work perfect on 1/2oz or 3/4oz Z-Man HeadlockZ Swim jigheads. Spoons will work but I've always been partial to deadly dicks or Hogy epoxy lures that outcast spoons and sink quickly, you can snap those in and imitate sand eels or small baitfish. Add a quality barrel swivel and a bit of fluoro or clear mono as a leader. I would definitely fish a swimmer like a redfin, bomber, or ole reliable SP minnow in a mackerel pattern. Look at the rivers and prominent points n Google earth, fish the prominent rocky head lands that stick out on the map in that area.
  12. If you line your pockets with fish money you are apt to see things differently. This REC fishing to the south is closely tied to COMM fishing and black market fishing. If you fish around the canal you will see it. These TREBLE guys are stacking fish to sell. Same thing with fishing around Cape Cod by boats. Weekender REC guys aka COMM guys get a license and stack fish. But thats not the issue, it must be me with my treble hooks. Any animal that has a price on its head is in danger of being extinct--history has borne that out.
  13. I like your attitude. The reason all fisheries decline is due to commercial fishing The main reason RECS always get singled out is because then that gives COMMS the ability to point and say that what they (COMMS) are doing is statistically insignificant. There is no commercial game hunting anymore so lets do it with game fishing. Also this "but the recs" talk usually comes from older guys that have an experience with commercial fishing or there grand pappy did and so its socially acceptable and not a big deal. That attitude wont persist among the new generation of anglers.