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  1. Now! I’ve always caught mackerel in May for bait when I use to chunk almost exclusively. By Memorial Day my freezer was stocked and ready. All by shore.
  2. Treble counts as a single hook. If I fished swimmers like the small SP 13f I’d fish one on the belly and put a post on the back. Since you already bass fish I’d say soft plastics work well - all of them.
  3. Last year was a slow spring but fish showed up eventually. Fall wasn’t half bad at all.
  4. Never had a problem anywhere in New England no matter how rich the landowners at the shore. Worse that ever happened was a drunk lady at Popham annoying us asking for a night pass. We just ignored her. If you have a problem where you live stand up for yourself, you can complain on here but step up to the guy taking a dump. He’s vulnerable, push him into the sand, nothing worse than a sandy ass.
  5. Your town or your neighborhood should enforce basic rules. At Higgins for example they have volunteers, same at Willard, so dogs can continue to have access and so people can be informed. It’s a compromise so access is multi use. See something say something. If you want to rope off an area to sit in the sand like a sausage no big deal, you want to cut off access to large open beach with no obstructions because you own an adjacent lot: kick rocks.
  6. This isn’t settled, nothing changed yet but I think eventually this will change and it will expand to further use. Check yourself if you are landowner complaining about legal deeds. Traditionally no one owned that land until the greedy litigious staked claim back in the day. Anyways I’m fishing, fowling and navigating so put that in your pipe and smoke it.
  7. If the fish have a chance it will be despite humans not because of them.
  8. Extra points if you rig it to explode. One camera for the bird explosion. And one camera for the looks on their faces.
  9. Missed opportunity. Best thing you could do is get a very realistic replica, a skilled tree climber, and the perfect locale and you have yourself some free entertainment.
  10. Muck Artic pro are very warm if your an active ice fisherman or move around. If you are sitting for long periods with your feet on the ice then thicker insulation is probably better. I have a pair of Baffin Impacts right now and they are probably the warmest I have owned. A good boot dryer is key, use mine for waders and boots and they work great.
  11. Go local and buy some wood.
  12. Love the sentiment overall. Winter is hard on some of the older folks joints so I don’t begrudge them a little relief. 40lb bass in summer and 40lb laker through the ice-that’s the dream.
  13. Kahtoola microspikes are great for hiking icy trails and for ice fishing.
  14. If you Google how a lever works you will see how yanking in one direction can allow the opposite end of the plug to push against the fish and cause it to become unhooked. Especially if the hook locks up against the split ring. In your case I think you should try canal rigging the swimmer so there is no rear hook and the fish can spin and twist without dislodging the hook. You could also try braided line instead of split rings for the connection.
  15. Rapala Xrap Twitchin Minnow comes with inlines. You could always get a lip gripper and a set of pliers of his own if you plan to let him handle the fish himself.