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  1. Some better photo's of the Edward Vom Hoff reel
  2. 7 Rivers I checked my nest and see I have a EDWARD VOM HOFE REEL . It looks a little different, but have same "40" marking under the reel seat. May it be that they are from the same factory in USA?
  3. Thanks for the info.
  4. I ask on behalf of a friend, not a member. He found this old reel and we got no idea what model it could be. Any one on this forum, have an idea as to the model?
  5. Wow very nice collection
  6. If I remember correctly these models have a small spring, that need to remove the AR pawl (dog) from the other part. When you turn the reel. I am not able to scan my schematic for you, but may be someone else have a copy available.
  7. The reel looks in very good condition. I also have a few Ocean City reels, but not this model. My closed model is the 936
  8. I fitted addition air con compressor, on top of the existing one (if you have space), on my 1989 Toyota 4 x 4. It had only a short v belt running from the extra space on the existing air con pulley. I had a loose quick coupling pipe, to inflate the wheels. Very fast pump and will beat any aftermarket little pumps. On the inlet side of the compressor, I used a rubber seal. This stop dirt entering it and before I used the pump, I use to spray a little Valvoline 1299, as lubrication. I now own a Nissan 4 x 4 and the V6 don't have the space for an extra air com compressor. Still need to find a small suitable electrical air con compressor to fit.
  9. Thanks guys. They always say you will never be to old to learn something. Al my live we learned, that a left hand wind reel. Will be winded with the left hand and rod held in the right hand. Now I see the lefties like me, have the rod in the left hand and wind with the right (dum) hand. Hence the reel being a lefty? Confusing, but yet interesting.
  10. Thanks Tony I thought so and will wait for the South African office, to come back to me later. Apparently they have ordered some more spares recently. Just hope mine is included.
  11. I need a eccentric (019-115) for a Penn 12/0 Senator Is this part still available, for the older 12/0 Senators? The local suppliers send me the part # 019-114, but this part does not fit the older 12/0 senator reel and is shorter than the 019-115 Visible on the photo's
  12. I received an Penn history in excel format from Penn USA that listed all the reels from 1933 - 2012 According to that list the 711 model was a left hand model, of the 710 model? From the photo I got on another forum in South Africa. The 711 seem to be a right hand model reel?
  13. Tony thanks for the reply. I have one problem with the last part of your reply. The gear on photo one is from the oldest model reel?? The photo 2 & 3 reels were from the same period. Newer model as #1 Photo 4 is the newest model of the four reels. They were use by one guy under same circumstances and where maintain in the same manner. I will be stripping within the next few days, one of my own reels. Even a very newer model, than any of these four reels and I am positive. I will find the main gear have the black teflon like bushing?
  14. I do the same as vce12342000
  15. I prefer the ABU Toby spoon, 26/28g above any other spoon