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  1. Pittsburgh,Pa
  2. Ok pm sent
  3. I have no idea what they are worth
  4. I could do $20 mo apiece shipped
  5. I have an mxl mc in silver color
  6. Spooled with braid (I believe 40lb suffix) but never fished Excellent condition $150 mo shipped
  7. Both plugs are new, Rm Smith older 2oz swimmer and a custom fish on 8 pikie 2oz $35 shipped mo
  8. Pm sent
  9. They are Polarized not sure what prism is
  10. How about we meet in the middle $60
  11. How about $70 shipped
  12. Four roses is sealed and full Maryland Tax stamp 1/10 Green river is partially sealed tax stamp is intact on 1 side of lid broken from age on the other contents has evaporated Maryland Tax stamp from 1940 Cream of Kentucky is sealed 1/2 full Same Maryland Tax stamp as the others Sherwood seal is missing tax stamp from Maryland 1/8"-1/4" whiskey in it Since you like whiskey Mt Vernon Whiskey is full Mcallums scotch is 3/4 full Haig is 3/4 full
  13. The majority of them still are sealed with the tax stamp some have evaporated some still have the contents still in them. I'm not at home right now, if they are something you have interest in let me know what details you want to know.
  14. Really tempted to drink some of them the 4 Roses is still full
  15. 1 more most are from 1930's 1940s