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  1. For the black VSB 150: Respectfully Offer $475 shipped to zip code 11937
  2. Sent you a pm, looking for some pictures to be texted as you said you could do
  3. No handles shown in either reel....assume that you have them?
  4. Great cause and great buck tails...still working through a box of 10 (plus some that "snuck in")...but glad to buy some more. I'm in!
  5. Any more tails available?
  6. Outtasight: That's my plan, to fish these without pork rind. Of course, if there are bluefish around…….thats the end of the saddle hackle!
  7. Been tying some buck tail jigs this winter with saddle hackle - either "married" or flared. Here's the most recent, pink "married" saddle hackle, followed by pink buck tail, all tied on the hook shank. Topped with sparse white buck tail and, as you can see, the "slutty" buck tail look, with smeared lipstick! !
  8. I will offer $18.00, shipped to zip code 11937. Thanks for considering.
  9. Always loved the look of this vise…….but generally tie buck tail jigs up to 8/0;
  10. What size hooks will the jaws hold? Thanks, Steven
  11. Pictures? Thanks.
  12. Right you all are……….Griffing identified it as their Patriot, with bull nose jaws, for larger hooks. It came with a set of smaller jaws as well. Works well and thanks for the help.
  13. Gobble, Gobble, and Thanks!